Banning visitors to Russia isn’t quite the hit Putin thinks it is

It was amusing to read that Vlad is about to sign a decree banning anyone from entering Russia from any European country, including Ireland.

since no one in the Russian hierarchy had the bottle to tell him that the whole movement is going the other way from no Russian?

Anthony McGeough

Kingswood Heights, Dublin 24

Getting the red rose of labor to bloom again is no easy task

I wish Ivana Bacik all the best in her new role as the fourteenth leader of the Labor Party (“Positive change” is Ivana Bacik’s mantra as she takes the reins as the new Labor Party leader”. Irish Independent, 25th March). Bacik’s task will be very difficult, some would even call it hard work. She needs to sort out any disagreements between her and the six other Labor TDs on policy issues.

You must focus on making the red rose bloom, not an easy task, the party almost needs to be reborn.

Seasoned pundits say the next election will be a bombshell for smaller parties like Labor and the Social Democrats.

These parties could easily unite and call themselves Labor Democrats, which would allow them to stand as a credible force on centre-left soil.

Labor has faced many difficulties in the past but has always managed to survive through all seasons.

In the 1930s there were only seven TDs for a period, in 1987 Dick Spring was only able to muster 12 seats, but the party always managed to bounce back.

Bacik’s task is difficult, but not impossible.

Kieran O’Regan


A united Ireland is to be expected in the future

I wholeheartedly agree with Noel Harrington (“Unionists are not content with having the same rights as everyone else”, lettersMarch 29).

As a nominal English Protestant, I firmly believe that Ireland should and will only be reunited in the near future through peaceful referendums on either side of the border. It is ridiculous that the head of state of Northern Ireland is an unelected hereditary monarch from London.

A united Ireland will be both prosperous and a force to be reckoned with on the international stage. Dublin must fully accommodate and protect the rights of Protestants who will become a minority at reunification, as they are likely to be in the North at present. Demographic changes and attitudes will prevail.

The ballot box will triumph over bomb and bullet.

Dominic Shelmerdine

London, United Kingdom

How Will Smith missed a golden opportunity

Hasn’t the last month in Ukraine, the last centuries around the world and now the last few days in Hollywood been enough to tell us that violence, physical, emotional or verbal, is the wrong answer to any question?

The world needs peace so we can all sit down and solve the real problems of climate change, poverty, pandemics… and the list goes on.

A better solution to Chris Rock’s humor (?) would have been a simple statement from Will Smith on stage, for example: “My wife has a medical problem, alopecia or hair loss. Any jokes based on a person’s medical concerns or appearance are not a source of humor nor were they actually funny.

“Please show everyone respect and don’t laugh cheaply.”

Now we will always associate a great actor with an act of violence rather than with the pleasure we had in his shows and films.

Dennis Fitzgerald

Melbourne, Australia

The Oscar triumph moment turned into a nightmare

In a moment of anger, Will Smith fell from grace, but it wasn’t a mortal sin, as we would say at the time.

In the pantheon of misconduct crimes, it would hardly register on the shock and awe scale unless you were Chris Rock.

Rage took over for those brief moments and no doubt Will Smith would take that punch back a thousand times over.

What should have been a moment of triumph for Smith, his wife and family turned into a nightmare.

How fitting that Will Smith remembers Denzel Washington’s belated good advice after delivering his slap.

“In your highest moments, be careful when the devil takes you.”

Let’s hope Smith and Rock share better memories of their imperfect stage.

Aidan Roddy

Cabinetly, Dublin 18 Banning visitors to Russia isn’t quite the hit Putin thinks it is

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