Bayonetta 3 How to Unlock Secret Chapter

BAYONETTA 3’s main story is 14 chapters long, with four side missions, 14 challenging arenas, multiple witch trials and an optional very difficult boss fight.

While all of these things can be difficult to find and complete, Bayonetta 3’s secret chapter is the hardest to find.

The old picture book is the key.


The old picture book is the key.Credit: Platinum Games

To unlock this you have to follow a series of steps and find three keys hidden in certain levels.

If you don’t know what to do, follow this guide to unlock the secret chapter in Bayonetta 3.

Buy the old picture book bayonet 3

The first thing you need to do is buy the old picture book in Rodin’s shop.

To do this, you have to go to the shop via the chapter selector. In-chapter stores will not stock the book.

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The book is in the Rodin’s Treasures section and costs 4100 Halos to purchase.

If you are having trouble finding halos, follow these steps to start making money fast.

Find the blue key bayonet 3

After buying the old picture book you can find three keys hidden in Ginnungagap.

The first is the blue key and it can be found in Chapter 1.

Continue through Ginnungagap until you find a spot where the trail turns left over some floating platforms.

Instead of crossing the platforms, go a little further and the blue key is hidden behind a large stalagmite.

You must complete the chapter from here to get the key, but you can start at the Ginnungagap entrance.

Find the green key bayonet 3

The green key is hidden in chapter 4 and you have to make a very difficult jump to reach it.

We recommend equipping the G Pillar as it gives you a boost at the end of your triple jump.

Towards the end of Ginnungagap you will see a series of rocky outcrops and stalagmites surrounding a high plateau.

To get there, you must first climb the highest stalagmite and clamp yourself in the branch.

Then triple jump towards the plateau and use your charged burst at the end.

Be careful as there is a lip at the top to climb over if you get too close to the wall.

Once at the top you will find a field with lotus flowers and the green key.

Find the red key bayonet 3

The final key is the red key, and you’ll need to complete Chapter 13 to find it.

You can skip the rather lengthy opening sequence by starting the level at Ginnungagap.

Run through the level over the crumbling platforms until you reach a stable area after the hill with the spiral staircase.

Look back down the path you just crossed and you’ll see that the red key was floating under one of the platforms, which is now gone.

You can use Love is Blue to fly with the crow to get this, then go back to the spiral staircase.

From here you can head back up and fly the crow over again, although the platforms are gone now.

How to open the old picture book — Bayonetta 3

Once you have collected all three keys, the game will tell you that you can now open the old picture book.

If you are not ready to start the secret chapter, click no and you can start it anytime by clicking on it in the chapter selector.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN.

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