Beanie Feldstein and Bonnie-Chance Roberts celebrate a camp wedding

Beanie Feldstein surprised fans this week by announcing that she and longtime friend Bonnie-Chance Roberts had married.

The Lady Bird and Booksmart actor confirmed the news on Instagram On Thursday, she revealed that she and Roberts tied the knot on May 20.

“As every fairy tale comes true…” Feldstein wrote alongside a photo of the two women in wedding attire by a lake.

She and Roberts shared more details about their ceremony, which was held at the Cedar Lakes Estate in Port Jervis, New York, and was themed “summer camp.” an extensive Vogue feature.

“It’s our happy place together,” explained Feldstein, whose older brother is actor Jonah Hill. “I grew up at summer camp for ten years and my parents and both sets of grandparents met at summer camp, so camp is a line of love across generations in my family.” Even though we met in London and fell in love on a film set wedding in a camp was a really beautiful, emotional homecoming.”

Beanie Feldstein (left) and Bonnie-Chance Roberts wed May 20 in Port Jervis, New York.
Beanie Feldstein (left) and Bonnie-Chance Roberts wed May 20 in Port Jervis, New York.

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The couple’s wedding outfits – a ‘bridal suit’ for Roberts and a vintage-inspired white dress for Feldstein – were both designed by Gucci. When Feldstein first saw her bride, she was immediately unsettled because she “knew how many people [Roberts] wanted to inspire with this outfit.”

“There are so few depictions of brides wearing suits to their weddings,” she continued, “let alone something so special, so extraordinary, according to Gucci!”

The star-studded guest list included actors Ben Platt, Kaitlyn Dever, Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor. according to People.

Feldstein and Roberts, a British producer, got engaged in June last year. The couple began a relationship shortly after meeting on the set of the film “2019”.How to build a girl.”

When she appeared at the 2019 South by Southwest Festival to promote Booksmart, Feldstein publicly acknowledged her relationship with Roberts for the first time while discussing the film’s portrayal of a same-sex romance.

“I think if I could have seen our film earlier, I would have come to myself a little earlier,” she said at the time.

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