Bebe Rexha is hit in the face by a cellphone and falls to the ground at a concert


Singer Bebe Rexha was hit in the face by a cellphone thrown by a New York concert crowd on Sunday, throwing her to the ground. Crew members then helped her from the roof of the Pier 17 stage. diversity reported.

The Three-time Grammy nominee was out in Manhattan on her Best F*n Night of My Life tour when the incident happened.

video shown She was gesturing to fans with her outstretched hand as the phone flew into her, snapping her neck backwards. She turned and fell to her knees.

Another clip showed her being carried off the stage while covering her face, but then gave the fans a quick wave.

entertainment outlet Pop Base reported that Rexha had stitches, but HuffPost couldn’t immediately confirm that.

HuffPost has reached out to Rexha’s representatives.

Rexha’s tour includes upcoming shows in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles and other venues.

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