Biden trolls Republicans with hilarious VA performance chart


Democrats are doing everything they can to draw attention to the fact that the House bill isn’t designed to protect the VA from spending cuts, while GOP members say the other party is “shamelessly lying.” according to The Hill.

Republicans argue that tThe legislation does not provide for specific cuts in veteran benefits. But as The Hill notes, it doesn’t specifically protect them either. A Coalition of Veterans Groups have asked for a language in the bill that would expressly protect the VA from cuts.

In any case, it is unlikely that the bill will become law in its current form. But amid GOP claims that their legislation would not hurt veterans’ benefits, Biden posted a flowchart on Twitter trying to reframe the whole thing in a more pro-Democrat light.

I hear House Republicans on TV saying they would never vote to cut veterans’ benefits,” Biden tweeted. “In case there’s any confusion, I’ve made a little spreadsheet that might help.”

Twitter users enjoyed the mockery.

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