Biden was interviewed as part of a special counsel investigation into classified documents


Spokesman Ian Sams said in a statement that the interview was voluntary and would be conducted at the White House on Sunday and Monday. The interview ended Monday, Sams said.

The investigation is led by Special Counsel Robert Hurwho was appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland to oversee the politically sensitive matter to avoid conflicts of interest.

Sams reiterated that Biden and the White House are cooperating. He referred questions to the Justice Department.

“As we have said from the outset, the President and the White House are cooperating with this investigation, and as was appropriate, we have provided relevant updates publicly while being as transparent as possible to protect and preserve the integrity of the investigation “Investigations,” said Sams. “We would refer other questions to the Justice Department at this time.”

It is hardly unprecedented for sitting presidents to be questioned as part of criminal investigations.

President George W. Bush conducted a 70-minute interview as part of an investigation into the disclosure of a CIA agent’s identity. President Bill Clinton was questioned by independent counsel Kenneth Starr for more than four hours before a federal grand jury in 1998.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team negotiated an interview with then-President Donald Trump’s lawyers, but Trump never participated in an interview. Instead, his lawyers submitted answers to written questions.

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