‘Big Bang Theory’ star slams ‘Jeopardy’ host Ken Jennings for crossing picket line

Well, we know one person who never gets invited to one secret celebrity dungeons and dragons game.

Wil Wheaton – Regular guest appearance on The Big Bang Theory.” as himself (and Sheldon’s nemesis at times) — posting his disgust at “Jeopardy!” co-host Ken Jennings Monday.

According to a post published on Facebook von Wheaton, the Star Trek alum was deeply upset by a Daily Beast Story about how Jennings is crossing the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike line to keep the long-running game show going during the writers’ strike.

Jennings’ “Jeopardy!” co-host — and Wheaton’s former “Big Bang” co-star — Mayim Bialik has reportedly backed out to tape the game show for the remainder of the season as a show of solidarity with the WGA writers who strike over pay and working conditions. (HuffPost’s unionized employees are represented by the WGAE.)

“It’s a VERY small town, Ken Jennings,” Wheaton began his scathing contribution. “And we will all remember that. Your privilege may protect you now, but we will *never* forget it.”

Bialik and Jennings became the permanent co-hosts of “Jeopardy!” in July 2022 and have taken turns hosting since then. But with Bialik reportedly stepping down to assist WGA writers, Jennings will replace her in the final episodes of the season, which are reported to be taped May 16-19 on Sony meeting.

“Danger!” uses writers from the Writers Guild of America to write their notices and deadline reports, and some – including Michele Loud, Jim Rhine and Billy Wisse – have reportedly joined the picket line. However, the outlet also reports that the writers have fulfilled their pre-season and strike duties.

From left: Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik) and Wil Wheaton (himself) in The Big Bang Theory episode
From left: Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik) and Wil Wheaton (himself) in The Big Bang Theory episode “The D&D Vortex”.

CBS photo archive via Getty Images

“Our words are on the screen every night,” “Jeopardy!” writer Loud recounted diversity lately. “Without writers there is no ‘Jeopardy’. Without us, it’s just a blank blue screen.”

Wheaton also had some harsh words for union opponents in the comments to his Facebook post.

“Hey everyone, if you guys are here to bash unions you can fuck off,” the Stand By Me star said in the comments to his post. “I’ve been a unionist since I was a union boy and I will be a unionist until I die. If you’re here to berate the workers of the world or apologize for someone who is doing it, fuck yourself and don’t come back.”

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