Billie Eilish fans slam Jesse Rutherford for ‘disturbing’ lyrics


It’s not uncommon for artists to use their music to express themselves after breakups. But on the Internet, Billie Eilish’s ex-boyfriend Jesse Rutherford has been criticized for apparently going too far with his new song “POV”.

The couple, whose ages are ten years apart, split in May after dating for less than a year.

In “POV,” off his Friday album &ONE, Rutherford sings about a younger fan who’s been listening to his music for a decade.

“She’s been listening to me since 2013 / I know she’s got issues with her dad, welcome to the family / She said, ‘Jesse, baby, won’t you write a song about me?’ / I said, ‘I’ve got a whole album, I might release it next week,'” sings the 32-year-old rocker.

Elsewhere in the song, he sings, “Feel like Alejandro when she Gaga on my goo, I’m at the top, you’re at the bottom, It’s another POV.”

After Rutherford’s song was released, Eilish’s fans on X, formerly known as Twitter, were furious at the “gross” lyrics.

Speculations aside, Rutherford actually names the seven-time Grammy winner right in the song “Turn Heel” on &ONE.

“I just got a text from Billie Eilish,” he sings.

In a separate song, “Law of Attraction,” Rutherford seemingly addresses the age difference by singing, “She’s only 21, savage / But she’s a bad bitch.”

Before the couple split, Eilish called the ‘Neighborhood’ musician “the hottest fucking fucker in the world‘ in an interview with Vanity Fair in November.

Eilish opened up about her split from Rutherford earlier this month ahead of the release of his album. Revealing that the two get along well, she wrote during a Q&A session on her Instagram Story that he was her “homie forever.” Los Angeles Times reported.

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