Binance.US is leaving the Blockchain Association to form its own DC Government Affairs Team


Binance.US announced today that it is building a team in Washington to work with lawmakers on digital asset policies. At the same time, she withdrew from the Blockchain Association advocacy group. Both sides of the organization have not commented on the split and have only made brief statements publicly.

A Binance.US spokesperson told Cointelegraph, “We believe it is time to have a clear voice with meaningful impact in the emerging political debates around digital assets and cryptocurrencies in Washington. We are excited to establish our own government affairs team in DC to actively engage in direct and constructive dialogue with US policymakers about smart regulation that enhances clarity and confidence while allowing American innovation and leadership in crypto to thrive.”

Binance founder Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ, took to Twitter on April 11 to comment on a March Public Citizen report that did not list Binance among the top ten crypto-focused lobbyists in 2021, noting the company’s absence . Blockchain took third place in this list.

Binance.US joined the Blockchain Association in August 2020, and Binance founding member and competitor Coinbase left shortly after. According to Blockchain Association spokesman Curtis Kincaid, the Blockchain Association currently has “more than 80” members, although the website lists 78 member organizations.

Blockchain Association spokesperson Kincaid told Cointelegraph, “The Blockchain Association wishes Binance.US the best of luck as they establish their Washington operations. […] [T]The Blockchain Association will continue to build on its strong track record in 2022 to advance the shared goals of the crypto ecosystem and ensure America stays at the forefront of technological innovation.”