Black Adam credit scene explained: We can’t say anything else in this headline without a revealer

Warning: This article will contain damaged for the mid-credits scene in “Black Adam”.

Dwayne Johnson, the star of Jaume Collet-Serra’s new comic film “Black Adam”, has given multiple press interviews, teasing audiences that his new film there is a remarkable guest in its middle credit chain. Some might find his fixation on the ending credits a bit questionable, as the film itself is currently in a profit. Poor review (and not loved by /Movies). “Black Adam” is about a superhero born in pre-Babylonian times in the fictional kingdom of Kahndaq. A young slave boy has been given powers by a team of Shazam sorcerers, allowing him to fight his oppressors. After a fire razed a mighty temple, Black Adam was magically imprisoned for millennia. Revived in 2022, Black Adam (Johnson) immediately begins to dispose of the occupying military force of modern Khandaq. Unlike some notable superheroes, Black Adam has nothing to do with murder. It is only after clashing with the Justice Society and a few conversations with Adrianna Tomaz (Sarah Shahi), that Black Adam begins to appreciate heroism over aggressive villain.

Black Adam is seemingly indestructible, can fly, is super strong, moves at super fast speeds and fires lightning at enemies. He’s basically Shazam’s evil twin, or perhaps a dark mirror to Superman. This is appropriate, as Johnson admitted that he, like many young people, aspired to be Superman. He also hastily added that, being a rebellious guy, he started to relate to slightly darker characters. When it came time to play a superhero in the comic books Black Adam seemed to fit the bill.

Not to be outdone, however, Superman (Henry Cavill) also appears in “Black Adam”.

Black Adam Vs. Superman


The “Black Adam” mid-credits sequence features Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), the current head of the Super-Team Assembly, summoning Superman to talk to Black Adam. A superhero as powerful as the Man of Steel has appeared, and it seems that it will take more than Hawkman and Dr. Fate to keep him around. Superman, outside of films directed by Zack Snyder, is not usually a character of destruction, and his unspoken code against murder is something he and ostensibly Black Adam can argue with. … or even a fight. In terms of sequels and DC Extended Universe continuity, Superman’s arrival is an invitation for the two giants to battle.

After all, “Who will win in a war?” remains the central question of every mainstream superhero story.

It’s Superman played by Henry Cavill that also links Black Adam to the DCEU in general, potentially involving all the other characters involved so far. Black Adam can now also interact with Harley Quinn, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, The Flash, and Peacemaker. While the DCEU is still far more loosely connected than the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are drawn connections that future filmmakers could exploit if they so choose. If Black Adam and Superman do get into an epic mid-air boxing match, let’s hope it’s in space or in a distant desert, lest the two of them reenact the destruction of the “Man of Gods” movie. Steel” 2013.

Additionally, since Superman also appeared in a post-credits scene in “Shazam!,” Black Adam is also likely to meet his live counterpart. How Shazams will react to each other is still within the fans’ speculation.

What Johnson was Cookin’


Perhaps more remarkable than any of the cinematic romances between Superman and Black Adam, however, is Johnson’s own passion. As mentioned above, Johnson has always been a huge fan of Superman, as is Black Adam. On /Film, one can find a report from 15 years ago linking Johnson to Black Adam and how he eagerly promoted a Black Adam feature film during a press tour for “Get Smart” (2008). ) Upcoming. This has long been a personal project of Johnson, who is also the producer of “Black Adam”. It took a long time and was conceived before there was an MCU or DCEU, but Johnson finally got his wish.

Given that he’s currently playing Black Adam, and once obsessed with Superman, a synergy and/or confrontation between the two characters would serve as a symbolic clash between the two sides of the star. Finally, Johnson was able to test his mettle against a childhood favorite character, as well as increase the physical size of both characters. Neither Black Adam nor Superman have a reputation for being particularly smart, but an extended, “Republican”-like moral argument would also be appropriate in a conflict with Johnson. Do superheroes need to adhere to traditional human ethics if they are literally superior? Is it wise to assume that superheroes would naturally become heroes if mass murder – as exemplified in “Black Adam” – is now an option?

In bringing his two halves together, Johnson invited the potential for something exciting. One can only hope that the filmmakers are ambitious enough to pursue it.

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