Black Mirror raises alarm over Netflix terms and conditions


An episode from the new season of “Black Mirror” affected many Netflix users so much that they anxiously sought to check the streamer’s terms and conditions.

The first episode of Season 6, which aired earlier this month, is titled “Joan Is Awful” and is about a businesswoman named Joan (played by Annie Murphy) who becomes the real-life subject of an artificial intelligence and computer-generated drama about her life on a fictional Netflix-like streaming service called Streamberry.

The alarming moment happens without her consent, after she unwittingly whitewashed the online service’s terms and conditions without actually reading them.

After the eerie episode aired, throngs of curious Netflix users couldn’t help but search the web for the streamer’s terms and conditions and spot any similarities in the fine print.

Online searches also increased rapidly 596% more people searched “Netflix Terms of Service” on Google alone. Three days after the season was released on the streaming platform, according to Google Trends pro Casino Alpha.

But breathe easy (for now), because Netflix’s actual terms of service currently make no mention of ripping off someone’s life and turning it into a hit series.

Black Mirror, a techno-paranoia anthology series exploring themes related to humanity’s connection with technology, first debuted in 2011 and has since become one of the streamer’s most popular shows.

Season 6 of Black Mirror is now streaming on Netflix.

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