Body Body Body Star Rachel Sennott On Anxious And Toxic Friendship [Interview]

Halina said she had friends and the rest of the cast watched “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” How has that affected you?

Well, that movie is really about these characters going deep into the madness and all the action is verbal, so, in a similar way, words are like weapons. For me, that’s a big clue as to how this movie is going to play out, because the paranoia and things that we’re suppressing about each other and our feelings all come out, and there are real weapons in this movie, but words become weapons too.

All heightened by alcohol and drugs.

I think my character is definitely one of the most drunk and the tallest. It just increased the intensity of things, where I thought, “Things have gotten scary, things have gotten loud and dark.” So I think all of that culminates at certain points, like the scene where I accuse Bee of everything – I don’t want to give away spoilers, but you know I’m talking about what. At that point, I thought I could look and say, “These things happened, this is how I feel, and I’m still high, I’ll edit,” without ever getting too involved. in it. unrealistic or funny to the point of not being funny at all. Do you understand what I mean? Always keep it grounded.

Is that a fine line between comedy and broad comedy?

YES. Halina is amazing and I think she just directs us to be 100%, dedicated, dedicated, realistic, always on your character’s side. Never make fun of them, never make fun of them. I think that really helped set the tone for the comedy.

Is it true that there was a time when you and some of the actors didn’t know where the camera was in the dark?

You never know where the camera will be, and at some point, you’ve forgotten about it. Jasper Wolf, DP. So it becomes very active. He almost becomes a character in the scene, and then it all starts to feel so real and you can just move through space. There’s a lot of scenes where they’re arguing here, I’m having a bit of a White Claw – it feels very natural and very real.

And very funny. As a stand-up comedian, how does the moment to joke in front of the camera compare to that of the stage?

I think the similarity is that comedy comes from truth. I don’t think I’ll be as funny as when I’m deeply hurt going through a breakup. My rise will never be so good: I was so down and all so rudimentary. I think acting and acting too, comedy is rooted in truth. You’re playing the character, you’re not playing a joke. I think the difference is, sometimes with comedy on stage, you polish it to the point where you hit the same beat every time. For the movie, I think the rhythm has to be different for it to feel fresh, and there are different ways a line can be funny depending on how you read it. You just want to read it so it feels real.

What was honest to you when you read “Bodies Bodies Bodies?”

I think the driving force when Bee shows up and she’s an outsider to this group of friends, I think you only know that feeling when you feel like an outsider, or you’re in the group – and when you’re in in the group, you know your role in the click. I saw Alice right away, early on, she was like, “Are you guys talking about me?” Because she worries that people are talking about her and guess what? Turns out it was them. So I think that is very true. Everyone has been part of a toxic group of friends or active friends before. So I think that’s something people will really relate to, and I definitely have a connection with them. Body Body Body Star Rachel Sennott On Anxious And Toxic Friendship [Interview]

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