Boebert denies that Greene is an “enemy” after the argument on the floor of the house


“I didn’t put my life on hold and let my four sons and now my grandson come here just to get into arguments with people. I came here to legislate and be effective for Colorado residents who are suffering from Democratic policies,” Boebert said before firing a few more shots at the Democrats in the interview.

“Marjorie is not my enemy. Joe Biden’s politics, the Democrats, that’s my enemy that I’m fighting right now and I’m doing everything I can to make sure I keep them in check and hold them accountable.”

Her comments came in the same day that Greene confirmed the argument between the two. tell semaphore that Boebert “was a really mean little slut to me” and that she “no way” sees a chance for the two to reconcile.

Congressmen had their share of tense exchanges ahead of Wednesday’s altercation, including when Greene took to Twitter to publicize the feud as they disagreed over then-House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s hopes of becoming Speaker of the House when Republicans took control after the 2022 midterm elections took over the chamber.

Boebert earlier Thursday “turned down” a reporter’s question about her exchange with Greene.

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