“Boris Johnson is a corrupt leader of the lame duck who framed Blighty for the plague” – Brian Reade

Brian Reade says the Queen’s platinum jubilee attracted a global audience, but anyone looking at the UK political situation would feel pity, not envy

Boris Johnson is taking part in the Prime Minister's Weekly Questions this week
Boris Johnson is taking part in the Prime Minister’s Weekly Questions this week

A cliché that keeps making me cringe is “The eyes of the world are on us”.

It’s being broadcast by the broadcasters at every national event from Wimbledon to the opening of Parliament and it’s clearly rubbish.

With two-thirds of the world not owning a television, half of those that do are asleep, and most of the rest have better things to do than sit back and think about Blighty. Like sorting out her sock drawer.

Some bedazzled souls are still basking in the afterglow of what they believe to be the latest remarkable display of what makes Britain great – the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

But did a global audience cling with envy, or did the relatively few outsiders see the bigger picture and, like the Washington Post, conclude: “The commemorations of Elizabeth’s long reign cannot hide Britain’s much-shrunken state”?

And if the eyes of the world were on us and hung around for a few days to reconsider Britain, would they still think it was an island with a scepter or a septic one?

Queen Elizabeth II speaks with Prince Louis on the balcony of Buckingham Palace

What would you think of the people who invented the first gasoline internal combustion engine struggling to fuel a family car? Or the nation that created the first public rail system that can’t run its overpriced trains because management and workers are at war? Or the country that built the first supersonic airliner, with six-hour queues at airports where planes are canceled because they can’t recruit workers?

What would you make of the general anger among workers who have endured a decade of austerity followed by three years of below-inflation wage increases and are now faced with tax hikes?

As the rich get richer, an invited Chancellor is handing out £400 gifts to fellow millionaires to heat their second and third homes.

What would you think of the so-called mother of all parliaments being run by a man who has been fined by the police for breaking his own laws and is being told by 148 of his MPs to leave for lying to this Parliament ?

A man whose anti-corruption czar called for his resignation because he was corrupt.

A leader so clueless and diminished that his response to demands for his head is to start a Poundland Thatcher tribute drive, telling people of the benefits of being able to buy their own homes. When many cannot afford the weekly shop.

Meanwhile, the only ministers to offer a vocal defence, Nadine Dorries and Jacob Rees-Mogg, look and sound like freaks being thrown out of Britain’s Got Talent casting calls for being so darkly off the rails that they’re having children frighten.

What would you think of video from an Essex hospital telling A&E patients to wait 13 hours to be seen? Or the OECD warning that Britain’s growth will be worse than any G20 country except Russia, citing Brexit as the main reason.

A Brexit signed by a government poised to tear up its own deal, sparking a trade and diplomatic war with most of Europe.

When the eyes of the world are on us, they are probably not filled with envy, but with pity.

With a nation this far up Sh** Creek, not even a turbocharged paddle could save her.

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https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/boris-johnson-tainted-lame-duck-27201874 "Boris Johnson is a corrupt leader of the lame duck who framed Blighty for the plague" - Brian Reade

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