Boris Johnson urges politicians to keep calm and stop Putin from ‘hacking up’ Ukrainians.

Before jetting off to the G7 tonight, the prime minister said there was a risk that the Russians could continue to “just keep chopping up the Ukrainians”.

Boris Johnson has urged world leaders to keep their nerve to prevent Putin from “hacking up” the people of Ukraine.

Before jetting off to the G7 tonight, the prime minister said there was a risk that the war “gets very static and the Russians keep dragging around Severodonetsk.

“And you know, just go ahead, you know, put the Ukrainians down.”

He then immediately retracted the word “chop” and said, “Let me choose a better word… just grind forward, that’s a better way of putting it – grind forward.” That’s the risk.”

The prime minister warned that there is a risk that world leaders will say “we can’t take it anymore” and trade Ukrainian territory for a peace deal.

On Sunday he is due to warn the G7 leaders: “Now is not the time to give up on Ukraine.”

The Western coalition backing President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s forces has shown signs of fracture over claims that Ukraine should cede some territories to Russia to speed up a peace deal.

But other members of the alliance not only want to repel Vladimir Putin’s forces from lands seized since the February 24 invasion, but push Kremlin forces back to their pre-2014 borders, before the original land grab in the eastern Donbass region and on Crimea began.

Devastation after shelling in Donetsk



G7 leaders from Britain, the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan are gathering in the Bavarian Alps for a series of war-themed negotiations.

Mr. Zelensky will address the gathering via video link.

Mr Johnson said: “Future generations will be impressed and inspired by the truly heroic Ukrainian resistance in the face of Putin’s barbarism.

“Ukraine can win and will win, but they need our support to do so – now is not the time to give up on Ukraine.

“The UK will continue to support Ukraine at every turn because we know their security is our security and their freedom is our freedom.”

The Prime Minister said the UK is ready to guarantee loans worth US$525m (£429m) to the Ukrainian government – bringing the UK’s total economic and humanitarian support to more than £1.5bn.

Kyiv fears it could run out of money by the fall unless it receives urgent financial help. To help with this urgent need, the UK stands ready to provide further guarantees for World Bank lending later this year.

Speaking at a Commonwealth Summit in Rwanda, he added that “many Commonwealth countries are suggesting that this is a European war. That’s not our problem. We want you to fix it.”

Secretary of State Liz Truss also warned of a bad “peace settlement,” telling reporters, “We must not allow ourselves to tire. That’s so important.”

She insisted that a declaration signed by individual members of the Commonwealth was in favor of sovereignty and self-determination.

Meanwhile, the PM said there must be a “Plan B” to get grain out of the Russian-blockaded Black Sea port of Odessa.

He said this would include “enabling Ukrainians to control sea lanes from shore using various pieces of equipment,” including “remote clearance” and the insurance of merchant ships in contested waters, an issue where Britain could help.

Mr Johnson said: “They are suffering very heavy casualties themselves – the Russians.

“It looks like they’re running out of breath.

“They use a huge amount of ammunition, ammunition, shell the Ukrainians, but they don’t get very far.

“The risk is that the world just says, you know, we kind of can’t take this anymore. Let’s encourage Ukrainians to have territory-owned housing in exchange for a deal.

“Well, I see, I mean, we can’t be more Ukrainian than Ukrainians, right? If that’s what the Ukrainians want, it’s not up to Britain or any other government to stop them.

“But they don’t want that. Personally, I think you are absolutely right not to want to do that. It’s their country. And it is completely false that Putin invaded there.

“So the argument I’m going to put to everyone today is – I know you’re exhausted from this thing. I know everyone’s fed up. But if we allow Putin to claim huge chunks of another sovereign territory and continue to threaten that territory, that’s just a disaster.

“It’s a disaster for you on the African continent, it’s a disaster for East Asia. And it will be a long-term economic disaster.”

Mr Johnson has warned he will do whatever it takes to get 23million tonnes of grain out of Odessa – but the Navy cannot send ships into the Black Sea.

He said: “So we need to think about a Plan B, which is to find ways to enable Ukrainians to control the sea lanes from the shore with various pieces of equipment. And there are two main things in which the UK has expertise.

“One is demining, remote demining, and the other is insuring merchant ships in contested waters and how to enable people to do that work. Many grain carriers will be reluctant to do this, they will need the right insurance and the UK has a lot of experience with this.

“So those are the two things, and we’re obviously talking to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Turks and others about how to do it. At some point the world will have to move from Plan A, the UN plan with Russian help, which I think will likely be a non-starter, to Plan B.”

When asked if Turkish leader Erdoğan was too chummy with Putin, he replied: “No, no, I spoke to Tayyip Erdoğan about it, he definitely wants the grain out.”

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