Brave mother describes machete attack after thugs break into house in front of crying children

WARNING CALMING CONTENT Ashley Reilly, 35, told her children to hide at her home in Lanark, Scotland, dragging a wardrobe in front of her as men hacked at her with machetes

Mom of two Ashley Reilly
Mom of two Ashley Reilly

A mother told how she was willing to die to defend her children after three men with machetes broke into her home.

Ashley Reilly, 35, shouted at her son Benji, 14, and daughter Vogue, six, to go into hiding as the gang made their way through the property in Lanark, Scotland.

She dragged a cupboard in front of her in a desperate attempt to defend herself, but the attackers hacked their way through while her terrified children looked on.

She had severed tendons in her wrist and ankle and six inch cuts down her leg.

Ashley was woken up at 4 a.m. Thursday by the sound of her front window smashing and begged her children to run up the stairs.

“They swung the machete up and down at me,” she told him daily record.

Ashley was determined to protect her children



The mother suffered deep lacerations on her body


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“I didn’t even realize I was injured. I yelled at them, the police came and they ran away.

“I was just thinking about the kids. I would die to defend her, so I didn’t feel anything.”

Ashley recalled looking down at her leg and seeing her bone sticking out as she immediately thought of closing the wound.

“I was trying to pull my leg together so the kids wouldn’t see,” she added.

Ashley said her son Benji saved her life by calling for help while she tried to close the gash in her penis.

A police officer then kept her awake and administered first aid before an ambulance arrived.

Ashley’s hand had to be sewn back together


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The thugs hacked their way through the house


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Explaining how he kept her conscious by talking to her, the mother said, “He needs a medal.”

She added: “He bandaged my wounds, held my hand and told me I wasn’t going to die.

“He told me how he remembered me growing up. He kept me talking and kept me calm by asking me about the kids and what I was up to.”

In the ambulance, Ashley then saw the officer crying and put it down to doubting if she would make it through.

“He tried to give me a chance to talk to my kids to say goodbye,” she said.

“I thought, ‘this is it, I’m going to die here'”.

She also suffered deep lacerations to her shin and thigh


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It was only after the attack that Ashley was able to take stock of her injuries, which included a 6-inch cut in the bone in her thigh, a 5-inch cut on her shin, and deep cuts on her left foot and right hand.

Surgeons are unsure if they can save her middle toe, which was also cruelly chopped off.

But she was determined to speak out about the ordeal to show her attackers that she is not afraid.

“I don’t want revenge. I want justice and see these people locked up,” she said.

“They don’t deserve to be free for what they did to me, especially in front of my kids.

“I don’t want them to get hurt or in pain. They have mothers, daughters, children and that would make me feel as bad as they do.

Ashley said she will still wear shorts with her scars visible


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“No, I want them to go to jail and look at themselves in the mirror and think about what they did to me and my family.”

Ashley said her daughter spoke to Vogue about the incident at night and asked if she saved her life.

While Benji said he was afraid the knifemen would pierce his mother and kill him too.

“I keep telling him he saved my life,” Ashley said.

Ashley believes she was attacked by the gang after her boyfriend James’ Range Rover was set on fire the week before.

The mother believes local thugs dislike her partner because he is English and says they attacked her in revenge after she confronted them.

She also feels they were monitoring her home from a white car in the days leading up to the attack.

Ashley has since left Lanark for her safety and that of her children, but insists she will not be silenced.

“My whole life has changed and I’m petrified at the thought of ever going home,” she said.

Ashley is afraid to return home


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Surgeons aren’t sure they can save her middle toe

“But my revenge will be to be happy. I used to be pretty vain, but now that I have these scars, I’m over it.

“I’ll still be walking around in my shorts with my scars showing. You are now a part of me and my story.

“And if anyone asks how I got them, I can say that I got them to save my children’s lives.”

Police are chasing their attackers, who are believed to have gone into hiding and fled Scotland.

DS Derrick Lunan of Wishaw CID said: “The motive for this attack has yet to be determined but we believe that for whatever reason the suspects targeted this particular address.

“Officials have been investigating since the attack and are keen to track down a white car that was seen in the area between 3.50am and 4.10am Monday morning.

“If you have any information to assist officers in their investigation, or may have dashcam or doorbell footage from Monday morning, please contact Wishaw CID officers on 101.”

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