Breaking the Taboo: Perfect First-Time Sex Toys To Try in 2022

The sex toy industry is a booming business: in 2020, the global sex toy market was worth around $33 billion – more than the global market for electric toothbrushes! Yet with the sex toy market booming, why do some of us still feel a sense of shame around the idea of owning a sex toy?

The stigma around sex toys comes from the inherent shame around sex. Despite a popular culture saturated with sexual imagery, the average person still doesn’t feel comfortable admitting to a friend or colleague that they’d spent their lunch break browsing for a new sex toy online. If you, too, feel unable to let go of the inherent taboo around owning a sex toy, 2022 should be the year that you let go of that internalized stigma! With literally thousands of sex toys on the market for you to choose from and plenty of helpful sex toy review content to help guide the way, finding a perfect first-time toy has never been easier.

We’ve rounded up the top 3 sex toys ideal for beginners in our handy first-timer sex toy if you’re looking for a first-time toy but have no idea where to begin. We’ve chosen the highest-quality toys popular amongst sex toy fans and adored by those who use them. Keep reading to find out which sex toy made number 1 on the list!

What are the benefits of owning a sex toy?

Before moving on to our sex toy review, let’s first explain: why should you own a sex toy? Besides the obvious pleasure aspect, there are plenty of benefits:

Achieve powerful orgasms

Many sex toys come with incredibly powerful vibrating modes – vibrations that a hand or finger simply can’t compete with. Some of the most powerful orgasms that you will ever have will include sex toys: whether you use a clitoral vibrator during sex or a cock ring during oral, sex toys upgrade any sexual experience and take your pleasure to new heights.

Improve your relationship

If you have a vagina, you’re probably aware that penetration alone isn’t always enough to reach climax, and you’re not alone: only 18% of women can achieve orgasm through penetrative sex alone. Buying a sex toy is a great way to make things easier in the bedroom for you and your partner, as the sexual experience is enhanced and the pressure to orgasm is lifted. Sex toys are also great for enhancing the experience in LGBT relationships – if neither partner has a penis and you’re both interested in penetration, simply say hello to a strap-on!

Improve overall wellbeing

Did you know that sex toys can help your overall well-being? Sex toys help us understand our bodies and our desires and allow us to feel in control of our sex life. This control undoubtedly contributes to enhanced self-esteem, as does being able to derive pleasure from our bodies.

Get better sleep

There’s nothing better than a great orgasm to help you nod off for a good night’s sleep. Having a sex toy ready in your nightstand drawer is a great way to induce your beauty sleep if you’re bored counting sheep and staring at the ceiling. The rush of oxytocin (happy hormones) makes for a night of sound sleep, and getting enough sleep contributes significantly to your overall wellbeing.

Improve pain and symptoms of menopause

Orgasms and sexual pleasure can help ease existing symptoms of conditions such as extreme PMS and various pain disorders. Sex toys help facilitate more orgasms by putting you in control of your pleasure.

Sex Toy Review: The Best Sex Toys for First-Timers

  1. Crescendo by Mysteryvibe

This one-of-a-kind, innovative vibrator is an ideal toy for sex toy newbies. The Crescendo by Mysteryvibe is entirely flexible, made with body-friendly silicone, and comes with 6 power motors and 16 power settings! You can bend the Crescendo to imitate fingers and use the curved tips to stimulate anywhere, whether the G-spot, the P-spot orthe A-spot. This vibrator is the most versatile option in our sex toy review, so no matter your gender or sexuality, the Mysteryvibe Crescendo can be bent and adapted precisely to your needs.

  • Dame Eva II

The following toy coming up in our sex toy review is a little less versatile but a fan favorite for many sex toy experts nonetheless. The Dame Eva II is a hands-free clitoral vibrator designed to be slid easily into place in the hood of the vulva to provide intense clitoral stimulation during sex. This vibrator is the best option in our sex toy review for couples – especially if you have a clitoris and struggle to orgasm from penetration alone.

  • We-Vibe Tango-X

You can’t go wrong with the Tango X by We-Vibe for a first-time toy. This toy is the only vibrator in our sex toy review designed for external stimulation only: this means you can use it on the clitoris, the breasts, the balls, the nipples – anywhere on the outside of your body that feels good! This vibrator is a great toy to start experimenting with, as it is equipped with super powerful vibrations but is extremely quiet and discreet. Ideal both for solo use and as a couple during sex, this bullet vibrator offers intense, pinpoint pleasure.


With so many sex toys on the market and so many benefits to using them, there’s no time to feel stigmatized for using and loving sex toys. Sex toys can enhance our pleasure, improve our wellbeing and help us better understand our desires. When picking a first-time toy, make sure to check out a high-quality sex toy review to make sure you’re buying the suitable toy for your needs.

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