Brexit is anything but a success, it is an absolute catastrophe


Dominic Shelmerdine (Letters, July 30) tells us that Brexit is a success, but gives us no concrete evidence to support his Britannia Rules the Waves philosophy.

Brexit is a disaster for Britain – businesses have been bogged down with endless and confusing bureaucracy since it decided to leave the world’s most successful trading bloc, which has a free trade agreement with more than 70 countries worldwide.

Bottlenecks in the supply chain mean that goods do not flow in as efficiently as they did when the UK was a member of the EU. Import and customs duties have made goods more expensive for British consumers.

Students no longer have the right to study at EU universities for a year as part of the Erasmus programme.

Travel to and within the EU for UK holidaymakers is becoming increasingly restrictive and recent congestion at the Port of Dover is testament to that.

Thousands of British citizens’ properties in Spain are up for sale as restricted access to them becomes an obstacle.

Brexit will go down in history as the greatest economic catastrophe of all time, and those responsible will never be forgiven.

Kieran O’Regan, Dublin 9

Truss should focus on eradicating corruption

Team Truss has a plan to level up public services in the UK – paying civil servants in locations outside London less, offering fewer holidays and laying off many workers for £11bn (€13.1bn) of public money services to be released for the front line.

What about a plan to level corruption opportunities in Westminster? Liz Truss will always ensure that major public tenders such as sourcing PPE during the pandemic are open to Labour, the Lib Dems and Greens business supporters and the usual cohort of Tory colleagues and donors.

Alison Hackett, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin

The transformation of Belfast is truly a miracle

The visionary courage of John Hume (1937-2020) and David Trimble (1944-2022) forged a much brighter future. Belfast on a sunny day today bears no resemblance to the dreary city of The Troubles.

The absence of security zones, armed soldiers, bomb sites, barriers, checkpoints and helicopters is very welcome news for locals and tourists alike.

New high-rises in the city center contrast with the run-down and dirty or derelict buildings that littered the city in the past, relics of conflict and post-industrial decay.

A declining city that once repelled or scared off its brightest young people is now on the tourist trail and welcoming cruise ship visitors.

There is something absolutely amazing, maybe even wonderful, about a
Place that was once synonymous with strife and conflict and is now seen as a model for international peace-building and reconciliation.

Middle-aged or older familiar with 1980s Belfast can’t help but marvel at the wonderful improvements in the city centre, along the riverfront and in the Titanic Quarter.

JT Hardy, Belfast

I wonder if I will ever be able to afford a home of my own

I hate hitting a dead horse with a fresh stick, but I need to understand what’s happening to the housing and rental costs.

It seems that the more I save, the higher the cost of housing and rent, and I’ve been saving as best I can for as long as I can remember without driving myself insane.

Likewise, I feel like the conversation about housing and rent will continue uninterrupted longer than I’ve saved.

Every year it’s the same – we hear from the government that maybe we could do something, nothing seems to be happening, fingers are being wagged against the opposition
and what little there was to help is canceled and prices go up even more.

I can accept that the pandemic happened and put things on hold, but it’s been like this for years. Is there any good news on this front? Any at all?

Will I, a 34-year-old man who has worked a full-time job most of his life, have any hope of affording even a one-bedroom apartment (the bare bones of four walls and a roof over mine head? ), preferably before I die of old age?

Or should I just accept that politicians have failed the lower and middle classes?

J Bannon, address with publisher Brexit is anything but a success, it is an absolute catastrophe

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