Brighton is snoring the UK’s capital with more than half of the UK population forced to wake up noisy partners

More than half elbowed or kicked their partner to stop them from snoring, while four in ten appeared irritable that day after being woken up by the noise.

More than half of Britons have elbowed or kicked their partners awake to stop them from snoring
More than half of Britons have elbowed or kicked their partners awake to stop them from snoring

Brighton is the snoring capital of the UK, according to research.

A study of 2,000 adults in the UK found that 67% of residents in the southeastern city kept their spouses and housemates awake to nocturnal noise – significantly higher than the global average. country is 53%.

But while it can be seen as a funny thing at times, almost three-quarters (72%) of adults who snore, or live with a snorer in Brighton, suffer from fatigue that affects their daily lives. their day.

Of those, 40% were cranky to someone, and the same number turned to foods high in fat or sugar to help them stay awake the next day.

Second place went to Glasgow, with 63% of residents admitting to be snorers – followed by Chelmsford, Aberdeen and Leicester (all 58%).

But Liverpool is considered the “quietest” city, with only 44% of people snoring.

Two-thirds of Brighton residents snore – significantly higher than the national average


It also emerged that among UK adults who snore, men are the biggest culprits, with 59 per cent admitting to be snorers, compared with just 46 per cent among women.

And the age group most likely to snore are those aged 55-64 (64%), followed by 65 and older (57%) and 18-24 years old (53%).

Dr. Ellie Cannon, Family Physician and Campaign Ambassador for Nasal Dilators www.mutesnoring.comCommissioned by Global Snore Censuzz, says: “Sleep is extremely important to our physical and mental health.

“When sleep As light and fun as it may seem, it can have a huge impact on the quality and length of people’s sleep – and it looks like those in Brighton may be worse off than most.

“If you’re the one who gets woken up by snoring, it can make you angry and make you struggle the next day thanks to the time spent lying there trying to doze off.

“But it can also mean that snorers aren’t getting the best quality sleep either – whether that’s from waking them up or being nudged by their partner at night.”

The study also found that “snarling” was the most common way people describe their snoring (22%), while 16% attributed it to a roar.

Others have compared trains (13%), thunder (15%), and even Darth Vader (13%).

But snoring saw 51% being elbowed or kicked by their partner in bed to make them stop, while a third were simply woken up to quiet the noise.

Others moved to another room (25%) or sofa (16%) to sleep, or used earplugs (20%).

Almost half of the rest of Brits snap at someone the day after being woken up by snoring


Research conducted through OnePoll also found that more than a third (35%) of adults consider snoring to be the most annoying noise when you’re awake at night or trying to sleep.

And snoring also tops the list of most annoying partner habits – before leaving clothes lying around, spending too much time on phones and leaving lights on.

One in ten people is so bad that they even seek the help of a medical professional to cure their or their partner’s snoring.

It also emerged that Britons sleep an average of almost six and a half hours a night, with 32 per cent unhappy with its quality.

They also suffered from insomnia four nights a week.

Steve Smith, UK director for“Snoring can interfere with our sleep – whether it’s you snoring or the person you live with,” says.

“And our global report, designed to dig deeper into snoring and sleeping habits across the UK, US and Australia, shows that it’s a pervasive problem.

“Millions of people around the world are affected by it, and it is often mistakenly seen as something you have to suffer, although there are different things you can try to help.

“Clearing the airways with a nasal dilator like Mute to help with breathing during sleep can actually help some snorers give them – and their partners – a quieter night.”

Cities with the MOST LISTENING (percentage of population snoring):

  1. Brighton (67%)
  2. Glasgow (63%)
  3. Chelmsford (58%)
  4. Aberdeen (58%)
  5. Leicester (58%)
  6. Cambridge (56%)
  7. Cardiff (56%)
  8. Norwich (54%)
  9. Bristol (53%)
  10. Southampton (52%)
  11. Birmingham (52%)
  12. Newcastle (51%)
  13. Edinburgh (50%)
  14. Leeds (50%)
  15. Sheffield (50%)
  16. London (49%)
  17. Manchester (48%)
  18. Plymouth (47%)
  19. Belfast (47%)
  20. Liverpool (44%)


  1. Moving more can help you sleep better – but if you’re a bad sleeper, it’s best to exercise in the morning.
  2. Regulate your sleep – sticking to a set bedtime and morning alarm can help establish a sleep routine for your body and teach your body when to rest.
  3. Quiet, dark and cool is the way your bedroom needs to be for the best sleep.
  4. Side sleepers should sleep on their side to keep their airways open and help free up yours. You can use a pillow to keep you on your side.
  5. Smoking and drinking make snoring worse, so cut back for better sleep.


  1. A growl
  2. A roar
  3. A train
  4. Thunder
  5. A saw
  6. Darth Vader
  7. A bumblebee
  8. Drill
  9. A jackhammer
  10. Car


  1. Kick / nudge / elbow them
  2. Wake them up
  3. Move to another room to sleep
  4. Go to bed at a different time from them
  5. Wear earplugs / use a noise canceling machine to block out the noise
  6. Video/record them to prove they snore
  7. Make them sleep somewhere else
  8. Shout at them
  9. Squeeze your nose to wake them up / stop them from snoring
  10. Sleep on the sofa

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