Brit Hume has a scathing description of Trump’s disastrous interview


Longtime Fox News analyst Brit Hume didn’t hold back on Monday after Donald Trump delivered a rambling speech during an interview with the right-wing broadcaster.

“His answers on the legal questions seem borderline too incoherent to me,” he told Bret Baier, who spoke with the former president.

Trump, who pleaded not guilty to 37 counts related to the confidential documents scandal last week, said he didn’t return the materials at the subpoena because he was “very busy” and didn’t have time to open the boxes go through and sort out his personal belongings.

Hume tried to summarize Trump’s comments to Baier:

“He seemed to be saying that the documents really were his and that when he was asked and subpoenaed to do so, he didn’t return them because, you know, he wasn’t willing to do it, because he hadn’t.” “He didn’t sort them and separate the classified information or whatever from his golf shirts or whatever he said.”

Eventually, Hume practically gave up trying to decipher it.

“It wasn’t entirely clear what he was saying, but he seemed to think the documents were his, that he had released them – evidence to the contrary – and that he could therefore do whatever he wanted with them,” he said . “I don’t think it will stand up in court.”

Hume also noted that Baier gave Trump a chance to send a message to suburban voters turned against him in 2020.

“His response was to talk about not losing the 2020 election,” Hume observed. “I don’t think that’s an appealing message going forward.”

He said the interview probably didn’t go over well with those who wanted to advise the former president.

“I’m sure his legal and political advisers flinched the entire time he responded to those two points,” he concluded.

See more of his exchange with Baier below:

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