Brit joins fight in Ukraine for 10 days and ‘helps arrest Russian spy’ – World News

Ethan Dennis, 21, from Portsmouth went to Ukraine for 10 days to join the war effort before deciding a mission was “too high a risk” – he claims he’s seen the brutality on the front lines firsthand

Ethan Dennis in Kyiv after traveling to Ukraine from the UK
Ethan Dennis claims he helped arrest a Russian spy after he traveled to Ukraine to fight

A Briton who traveled to Ukraine to fight claimed he helped arrest a Russian spy and was held at gunpoint by special forces.

Ethan Dennis, 21, who says he served in the Royal Navy, enlisted on March 2.

Ethan, from Portsmouth, says he tried going to the Ukrainian embassy but took matters into his own hands when he got fed up with the bureaucracy.

He took a flight to Rzesz in southern Poland before crossing the border into Ukraine with other ex-British military personnel he met at the airport.

After 10 days of fighting he is now back in the UK.

Ethan spent 10 days in Ukraine


Ethan Dennis / SWNS)

Ethan claims he helped arrest a Russian spy


Ethan Dennis / SWNS)

He said: “Having seen this brutal conflict firsthand, I hope that an agreement will be reached between Russia and Ukraine sooner rather than later – for the benefit of all.”

Ethan says when the soldiers arrived in Ukraine, they were loaded into the back of a van and driven to Lviv, where they picked up their gear and were assigned to a safe house.

After three days inside, the group was surrounded by a Ukrainian special forces team who had been informed of their position by a local.

Ethan’s Ukrainian military ID


Ethan Dennis / SWNS)

Ethan said: “In the safe house we were treated really well with comfortable beds and good food.

“But we believe that a civilian informed Ukrainians about our foreign uniforms, which raised suspicions among the higher ranks.

“The team burst through the door and asked us to put our hands on our heads while they reviewed our documents and corroborated our stories.

“One of our squads even had a gun put to his head when he refused to follow one of their orders.

“They had their security [mechanism] and fingers on the trigger – it was an intense moment for us.

Ethan with his team in Lviv


Ethan Dennis / SWNS)

“Once they realized we were there to help, they left us alone.”

Ethan and his buddies decided to catch a train to Kyiv after not seeing enough action in Lviv.

He claims that on their trip, they helped police arrest a suspected man who made frequent phone calls to Russia after an investigation.

The suspected spy was arrested and taken to a detention center for further questioning – and Ethan continued on his journey.

Ethan with other Brits who left Britain to go to Ukraine to fight


Ethan Dennis / SWNS)

Ethan later went to Kyiv after deciding to leave Lviv


Ethan Dennis / SWNS)

When they got to Kyiv, he says, dozens of families who were sleeping in the subway station stood up to applaud them.

The squad was then driven to an undisclosed location, where they were then briefed by an ex-major on the conduct of covert operations at the front lines – just outside the city.

He said, “We were thrown straight into the action and sent to guard a position outside of Kyiv that was a key factor in the Ukrainian war effort.”

In the 10 days he spent in Ukraine, Ethan said he witnessed rocket attacks, mortar shells and intense fighting with Russian forces.

Ethan in Kyiv, where he says he saw intense fighting


Ethan Dennis / SWNS)

Ethan training break and evacuation of buildings in Kyiv


Ethan Dennis / SWNS)

Thankfully, none of his British comrades were injured or killed during his stay at the front – but some Ukrainian soldiers weren’t so lucky, he said.

Ethan, who says he served as an engineer in the military for four years, added: “Sometimes the Russians were so afraid of contact that they weren’t even able to get rounds.

“They obviously lacked the training and the motivation to be there – which we used to our advantage.

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“The fights were intense and very scary at times, but I just remembered all my training and tried to take calculated risks.

“When the goals we were given became too risky and not rewarding enough, I decided I had had enough.

“Luckily I had signed an open contract with the major so he had no problem with me returning home.”

After his stay at the front, Ethan boarded a refugee train from the capital and back to Lviv.

He claims he was arrested by the Ukrainian secret police while trying to enter Poland.

Ethan claims he eventually managed to convince the officer responsible to let him go, despite being severely persecuted the rest of his time in Poland.

He then boarded a flight back to London on March 19.

Ethan, who worked as a carpenter before leaving, said: “It was really stressful coming home.

“You always have doubts that something could go wrong and you could be stuck.

“The relief I felt as the plane exited this runway is indescribable.

“My girlfriend was over the moon to see me and I was told that when I come back if I want to fight again, she won’t be there – so I made that decision.”

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