Britain’s Got Talent judge teases ‘Paul Potts moment’ before new series of photos

Britain’s Got Talent made a successful comeback this weekend after a 12-month hiatus.

Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams will be getting ready and ready for a bunch of beginners to join.

Here, the judges and hosts of Ant and Dec will talk about what to expect from talents such as “a ghostly ghost” and a “dog acting like no other.”

Simon Cowell

You returned to the gang after a year off, how does that feel?

So great! It feels really good. Although I didn’t want to be on the show last year, but we couldn’t at that time, it would have been literally impossible. It was a difficult decision to make, but it was one of the right ones.

Simon Cowell teased a ‘Paul Potts moment’ on this year’s Britain’s Got Talent series



I think about it, when we all got back together, I think we realized how much we loved doing the show. We missed each other, we moved on and worked well together.

Is it weird that you didn’t film the show last year?

It was hard but I have to be honest, because of what was happening at the time, a new variant came out, I was really worried about it. We have about two or three weeks left after the audition and I just think the risk to everyone is too high.

It’s tough, but it’s not a show that will never come back. We always knew it was coming back this year and it was coming fast.

Britain’s Got Talent is back with a bang this weekend



I hope that the breakaway, which hasn’t been on the air for a year, that the audience will enjoy it even more, I hope they missed it.

Do you find it awkward when friends and family of contestants sit right behind you?

Sometimes we said no! Especially when you have mom and dad sitting there. But I like it!

What do you do about talent this year?

We’ve seen a lot of good action this year. A lot of great stories have also emerged from the auditions. I think sometimes having a little break that we did is a positive thing. I think they realized how important the gig was to them because they needed a gig like this for whatever they wanted to achieve.

Fans will get to meet a troubadour named Maxwell who sure blew everyone away..

I love him. I think he’s brilliant and it’s a lot like a Paul Potts moment. It was a real surprise, I didn’t know he would sing like that. He was very shy and I prayed that everything would work out for him. I looked around at the audience to see how they reacted and it was unbelievable the reaction he got.

Ant and Dec

Dec finds it ‘strange’ not to show ITV last year



How is it getting back to the gang and doing the BGT auditions again?

Ant: We missed out on the great people we got through those theater doors. I miss the audience in the auditorium. That’s huge, because we did the auditions before doing Saturday Night Takeaway, so this is our first proper live audience in a while. It was thrilling.

What was it like not doing it last year?

Dec: It’s weird because it’s an annual event for us. Every January, the first thing we do is audition for BGT. None of that feels weird. Like Ant said, we missed going to the theater with the audience, the artists and the judges.

How would you describe this year’s vibe?

Ant: The vibe is one of gratitude – from us that acts are back and from acts that can be done. People haven’t worked for too long. A lot, especially performers and singers, have nowhere to perform, during the pandemic.

The Geordie duo teased some emotional moments


Anthony Harvey / REX / Shutterstock)

We had actions that you wouldn’t normally get in a concert. And the artists who will be doing BGT take two years to actually do their act, so the talent is really strong.

Dec: We had a lot of performances, ‘I don’t think I’m going to audition, but since everything has happened, I just think so. I will do that ‘.

Any emotional moments?

Ant: There are a few. We surprised someone in the audience. He was surprised by his daughters and asked to go on stage. He thought he had just come to see! He went away for an hour or two, rehearsing, and at the end of the lesson, performed the song.

David Walliams

David says it was the ‘right decision’ to take a break last year



It was a big decision when it aired last year…

I think it’s the right thing to do. I think some shows might work – like Bake Off, because there’s no audience, the number of participants is limited, so you can all segregate together in a hotel.

But you can’t with Britain’s Got Talent because you’ve got 100 people performing together on stage – a choir or even a dance group.

So we won’t be able to keep everyone isolated and safe. I thought it was the right decision, but it was disappointing.

Did that break change the way you feel about the show?

I just feel more grateful for that, I suppose. Oddly enough, just lack of an audience. If you’re a performer, that’s one thing you really miss.

David Walliams, Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon return as judges


Jonathan Brady / PA Wire)

How would you describe the vibe of this year’s show?

It was a celebration, because the repertoire probably hadn’t had a chance to perform for a long time. I can see how emotional it is for everyone to be back on stage. Especially in Palladium, the home of entertainment in the UK.

Do you think standards are higher this year by breaking?

I think people have had time to implement their acts. It’s like we’ve done good deeds for two years in a year. During the pandemic, a lot of people have been trying to find ways to do positive things, like entertain people. It brought a lot of people together.

Alesha Dixon

Alesha missed the ‘convention’ of last year’s live shows



How did you feel about not being on the show last year?

Well, it’s weird not doing the audition in January, that’s really weird.

I missed getting into that habit but like everyone, I just have trouble with everything, you do your best to deal with bad situations.

Do you think as a result you have judged differently?

I think it’s a bit of both, it feels like you want to cut all the slack, but it’s also a little tough because you know what you want, you want the best of what’s best.

For example, if we’ve seen some great dance performances, other dance acts can come along, they’re all fine, but you’re really looking for greatness. So you’re a little tougher on them.

Is there a specific type of talent that you would like to see?

Maybe the first few years, I’m more interested in singers and dancers, because that’s my field.

But I’ve learned to accept all kinds of action over the years and can be as excited as a great comedian or ventriloquist.

Do you have an idea in mind about what you will press your Golden Buzzer for?

You can’t think too much about it, when you know, you know.

Amanda Holden

Amanda is also happy to be back on the jury



How do you feel coming back?

Well, it feels so extraordinary. When I entered The Palladium, that iconic building, and stepped onto the stage, I almost burst into tears when I saw a proper audience there.

What’s it like to miss a whole year of the show?

It was a bold decision when it aired last year. Ultimately, everyone’s safety and health should come first. Getting that rest is the best we can do in hindsight. The energy is back, the judges are back, the audience is back

Does it go well with Ant and Dec?

For safety’s sake, we can’t outsmart the audience as usual. So we went to the side of the stage, and that meant we got to see them the right way every day and talk to them. That was really fun.

Tell us about the Phantom Man auditioned?

He brought me on stage. I really can’t remember what happened. The next minute, I was asleep, and Alesha said, “Wow, you just did this.” And I said, “No, I don’t have one”.

I was tasked with guessing what the other judges chose from a box. Apparently he had control over my mind because I could guess whatever Alesha chose.

* Britain’s Got Talent begins on ITV at 8pm on Saturday.

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