British soldier ‘stalked’ by giant shark in freezing ‘jaws moment’ amid record-breaking row – World News

Royal Marine Jack Jarvis, 28, of Southampton, was completing a 4,500-mile run 4,500 miles from Portugal towards Miami in Florida when he was pursued by the hair-raising predator

Jack Jarvis made the 4,500-mile journey to raise money for charity - but had to contend with some creatures along the way
Jack Jarvis made the 4,500-mile journey to raise money for charity – but had to contend with some creatures along the way

A British soldier has described his own “Jaws moment” as he faced a giant shark chasing his rowboat.

Jack Jarvis, 28, set out from Portugal in December to set a world record 4,500 nautical miles in 111 days before going ashore in Miami, Florida.

The 59th Commando Regiment soldier from Southampton, Hampshire was completely alone save for heartbreaking encounters with one shark and a boisterous blue marlin whale.

Jack was the first person to row all 4,500 nautical miles between Portugal and Miami, Florida.

He completed the Atlantic Ocean in honor of his grandfather.

The 59th Commando Regiment soldier from Southampton, Hampshire spent 111 days alone at sea


Jack Jarvis)

He said the day star : “I saw some incredible wildlife, a marlin, a shark. It was an oceanic whitetip shark.

“I rowed along and saw this fin in the water, it was almost like a Jaws moment, you know you see it chasing the boat, it was really exciting.

“So yeah it was chasing the boat, I put my hand in it and was able to get some good pictures of it.

“I got my GoPro and put my hand in the water and everyone was like, ‘You’re crazy.'”

While his buddies branded him insane for risking his arm for the shot, the epic experience has allowed Jack to raise £62,000 for brain cancer charity braintrust.

The fearless soldier even dipped his own arm in shark-infested waters to snap a picture of the beast


Jack Jarvis)

Jack added: “I thought as long as I could keep my eye on it and I haven’t lost sight of it.

“I felt pretty safe because I figured if it gets any closer than I’d like, I’ll just get my hand out of the water and I’ll be safe on the boat.

“It hung around for about five to ten minutes and then took off.

“It’s probably not often that a shark sees a rowboat out on the ocean, so it was just as surprised to see me as I was.”

Luckily, the shark’s interest in Jack turned out to be harmless, but the soldier admitted he was more scared when a strange bump rocked his boat.

Jack raised money for the Brain Trust in memory of his grandfather who had a brain tumor


Jack Jarvis)

Jack even took his own ‘Wilson’ prom companion with him, as a nod to Tom Hanks’ castaway


Jack Jarvis)

Sure the bump wasn’t a wave, Jack boldly shoved his camera under the waterline again to investigate and was pleasantly surprised.

“I didn’t know what it was when it was underwater,” Jack said.

“It hit my boat and the boat basically rocked and I thought that’s not a wave and that’s when I saw the gray kind of marlin outline and then I started GoPro-ing and when I looked at the footage I was like Wow Marlin.”

Jack added: “So I was really happy to see that on video because not a lot of people see them.

“It was weird because obviously it hit the boat and I was like, ‘What is that?’ it was a sensation.

During his voyage, Jack has sailed through shark-infested waters and struggled with giants of the ocean


Jack Jarvis)

“You get used to knowing how it feels to walk over a wave and this was different.”

Jack survived at sea on nothing but freeze-dried meals, and when he finally docked in Miami after 111 days, he wasted no time trying to make up for lost calories.

He said: “My first meal was a burger and fries, which was amazing, and then I washed it down with two chocolate milkshakes, a bottle of Corona and a can of Coke, so a bit of an odd combo, but it tasted fantastic.

“We forgot to weigh me when I came in and I had this burger and fries and 100 beers so it seemed a bit pointless to get a weight after that but I definitely lost a lot of weight maybe around 10kg.

The soldier said he was rowing in honor of his “hero” grandfather, who died of a brain tumor


Jack Jarvis)

“Hopefully, with the help of my friends, I can put that weight back on and get back to the body I’m used to.”

Jack now has a few weeks to meet family and friends before returning to the hospital military after exceeding his goal for the charity, he smashed.

After losing his “hero” grandpa to a brain tumor in 2007, Jack said he was “heartbroken” and determined to do something in his memory.

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