Brits complain of over 1,000 fatigue a year – leading to silly mistakes

Sleep-related mishaps are most likely to occur around 2:32 p.m. — and include forgetting why you entered a room, someone’s name, or the day of the week

Britons complain of being tired three times a day on average
Britons complain of being tired three times a day on average

Almost all adults complain of fatigue an average of three times a day – a total of 1,095 times a year.

A study of 2,000 adults found nine out of ten made mistakes due to fatigue, including confusing words, stumbling, and texting the wrong person.

And fatigue seems synonymous with forgetfulness, and many struggle to remember why they entered a room, a person’s name, or the day of the week.

Other mishaps in the top 30 list included missing appointments, leaving cereal in the fridge and milk in the cupboard, and even leaving car keys in the car.

It also found that the average adult makes three mistakes a day due to fatigue — forgetting what year it is, bumping the car while driving, and wearing clothes backwards or inside out, also on the list.

One of the most common mistakes people make due to fatigue is leaving the house key in the front door


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Zoe Trimble, spokeswoman for Lucozade Alert, which commissioned the research ahead of schedule this weekend, said: “It’s no surprise to see the nation struggling to feel fully awake after an hour’s rest.

“When we’re tired, we’ve all forgotten why we entered rooms, put down our keys or thought about the perfect comeback way too late. The brain fog is real.”

The study also found that adults feel embarrassed (35 percent) and annoyed (33 percent) — but also amused (25 percent) — when they think back to the mistakes they made because of fatigue.

But 68 percent went as far as to say they struggle to think clearly because they get less sleep than usual, and 70 percent can’t focus on tasks.

After a mixed night, 38 percent slept through the alarm clock, 35 percent canceled social plans and a quarter even called in sick to work.

Respondents predicted they need seven hours of sleep to avoid feeling tired and believe they waste three hours a day because they don’t feel fully awake.

The research found that 2:32 p.m. is the time of day when most mistakes are likely to be made, while 10:18 a.m. is the time when people feel most alert.

And Friday is the day of the week Brits think they will make the sleepiest mishaps.

Brits will lose an hour of sleep this weekend as the clocks advance – and will take an average of four days to recover


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But two-thirds (67 percent) have had someone else point out mistakes they made because of exhaustion.

As the clocks roll out this weekend, one in five adults believe they will feel tired, while 15 percent expect confusion and 13 percent will be left out.

As a result, more than a third (35 percent) of those surveyed via OnePoll will avoid making social plans on March 27.

And nearly half (44 percent) admitted their entire routine feels messed up the day after the daylight saving time change, with it taking an average of four days to fully adjust.

Zoe added: “With Britons complaining of fatigue three times a day on average, and research showing we take an average of four days to recover, we want to help the nation get sharp.”

Top 30 mistakes Brits make due to fatigue:

  1. Forget why you entered the room
  2. Got your words mixed up
  3. Forget why you went up the stairs
  4. Forgot someone’s name
  5. days of the week mixed up
  6. Forgot to thaw food for dinner/dinner
  7. Stumble over it
  8. Forgot to take the laundry out of the washing machine
  9. Wear clothes inside out
  10. Forgotten food was in the oven and it was burning
  11. Sent a text message to the wrong person
  12. You left your lunch at home on a working day
  13. Forgot a route or made a wrong turn while driving
  14. Thinking about a comeback too late
  15. Missed an appointment
  16. Leave your house keys in the front door
  17. Forgot the house key
  18. An email sent to the wrong person
  19. Wrong measure of ingredients used in cooking
  20. Accidentally liked a social media post
  21. Forgot what month it was
  22. Forgot what year it was
  23. Put cereal in the fridge and milk in the cupboard
  24. Bumped her car while driving
  25. Forget why you called someone when they answered
  26. Forgot car keys
  27. You have forgotten your personal data, eg date of birth
  28. Missed a deadline at work/university/school
  29. Forgot car keys in the car
  30. Screwed up on a work call/pitch

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