Broken Rank Review In Progress – A New Step on the MMORPG . Formula

In the ever-evolving world of MMORPGs, Ranking is broken It’s a refreshing take on a genre that’s been around for a long time. From a top-down view with cursor-based movement to quick turn-based decisive combat, Ranking is broken does a lot of things that aren’t typical of the genre while still doing a great job of maintaining the MMO feel. Ranking is broken very good indeed but certainly leaves a lot to be desired and only some of it has to do with innovation efforts.

The battle is the best part of Ranking is broken. I like the strategy that involves only 10 seconds to plan each turn. There are two free slots and two paid slots where you can preset your battle moves to make planning the start of the battle a little easier. Specific attacks can be changed at any time and it will take effect the next turn. It makes for an ever-evolving war that never lacks for attention.


Unfortunately, the battle isn’t perfect. While I love the turn-based strategy and the near-constant interaction with my attack plan, there are a few issues. The biggest of these problems is the item. I’m playing a Fire Mage that deals massive damage with long range fire based attacks. I don’t have the ability to heal, add mana, or add magic. Whatever I got at the start of a fight is all I get. I must have mana because it is the energy needed to perform any attack or spell. If I run outside, I can’t execute the planned attacks. I sure need magic since most of my attacks are magic based. Of course, health keeps me alive, so it would be a drag to run away from it in a fight. The problem is that the items cannot be accessed during combat. I can rest after fighting and recover all my lost health, mana and magic but during the fight I can’t use my potion to heal quickly. In the early parts of the game when I was still learning, I couldn’t fight a single battle without seriously risking death.

Death wouldn’t be so sad if it weren’t for an extremely severe punishment. I mean literally. There is a price to die that includes loss of experience points and gold. In addition, you may have to lose an item or extra gold. The damage can be mitigated by having a premium account, but let’s not repeat the evils of anything that remotely looks like a pay-to-win structure.


Combat is always in a small case that other players can’t interact with, but we should discover how Ranking is broken occurs when you are not actively killing someone. First, the art style is amazing. Hand-painted art in Ranking is broken making it easy to watch my favorite games. There’s no option to tweak the advanced graphics in the settings but I’m not sure why you would need that.

The top-down isometric style of Ranking is broken technically not new to RPG but it’s certainly not typical of an MMO. Baldur Gate, for example, used the same style of play. I’m getting used to playing mostly with the mouse and don’t have the WASD keys to move around but I think I would prefer it if I could use the keys to move, even if it’s still not the viewport traditional third person. The great part about making everything accessible with the mouse is that it’s a very simple way to play. The difference for me is that the scrolling doesn’t feel very precise. I would feel better if I had more control over my character’s movements.

There are two different ways to approach the side quest. Of course, you can always pick up side quests as you go through the main story. You can also wait until there is nothing left to do. In the MMO games I’ve played before, it’s simply ton quests to choose from everywhere you go and many of them are just turning you into a glorified messenger. They are great for increasing XP. In Ranking is broken, no more side quests in one place. Side quests appear to be more involved than just running over to talk to a person.

This is only important because the story will actually pause for you to catch up on the levels. For example, when I get to level 8, the story pauses and says I need to go around my stuff and then come back when I’m level 13. Oh, how I hate it! I spent money on a premium account so I could get an XP booster to speed this up. I’m a fan of stories, but I don’t like sharpening. Just give me enough XP and gold in the main story to play without putting me on a wild goose chase! No one else will have a great experience by allowing players like me to skip the challenge phase.


Quests of any kind have choices that need to be made to shape the personality… of your character. Your selection can extend a quest line. Let’s talk about that for a minute. One of my biggest criticisms of games that use selections is that choices often feel like they don’t matter. It might change a line of dialogue, but it doesn’t fundamentally change what’s going to happen in the game. Ranking is broken on the other hand gives you a choice and it can completely change the trajectory of a mission. Right now, I’m thinking of working for a group of bandits in a cave because I think rescuing a girl after witnessing her kidnapping is a good idea. This is the best when doing any kind of task. I can’t remember the time when the options when important in an MMO. Knowing that my choices really affect my game is amazing

There are some side quests in Ranking is broken that would be better if it was called a job. These jobs, indicated by blue arrows instead of yellow, can be repeated. For example, there is a guy who doesn’t like Zed (creature that looks like an animal) and hires you to go out and kill some. 30 minutes left to kill 10 Zed is more than enough time and he will give you some gold and experience. This would be great except for one thing. You can do it again in 15 minutes. It seems this is supposed to make up for the fact that there aren’t many actual missions to choose from but the 15 minute cooldown affects all Work, not just work you’ve already done, only slows you down even more. I am totally worried that there are too many limitations in how one can play and enjoy Ranking is broken.


It’s still early to only play about 18-20 hours later Ranking is broken hitherto. I look forward to updating you with my thoughts on teaming, PVP, and crafting. I think Ranking is broken there’s a lot of untapped potential and I hope to see that soon. I’m having an incredible time enjoying the main plot. It’s catchy, it’s fresh, it’s exciting and the more I play it, the more I want to see it. I really want to come back with a better outlook for what Ranking is broken well done, it does really is fine. Unfortunately, the whole game cannot follow a good storyline, especially if the player is required to invest more than 60 hours in it. Only time will tell if Ranking is broken as good as its potential. Broken Rank Review In Progress – A New Step on the MMORPG . Formula

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