Brutal Russian warmongers are not interested in negotiations


Months before the Russian army invaded Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called for negotiations with Moscow.

We can assume he was ignored. For now, Russia prefers to pursue a war against a country that has not yet set foot on Russian territory.

How do you negotiate with nihilistic billionaires who, for example, negotiated the Beslan school siege by sending in tanks and flamethrowers, resulting in hundreds of deaths? Or who negotiated with Chechnya by razing it to the ground?

Eugene Tannam, Firehouse, Dublin 24

Ms Higgins lost herself posting a letter online

Foreign policy is determined by the government, not by the Office of the President, and certainly not by the President’s spouse.

That Sabina Higgins suggests that her letter about the war in Ukraine was posted on because people couldn’t find it elsewhere online is gullible.

It’s as believable as when Dominic Cummings said he drove to test his eyesight during lockdown. Does she think we’re all stupid?

Her statement also lacks any apology for interfering in foreign policy, showing that she clearly believes she is above everyone else.

Time for the Higgins to seriously reconsider their position before they embarrass this country any more.

Stephen Kearon, Ballinaclash, County Wicklow

Mail riots are unnecessary – time for all of us to move on

It really is time to leave Sabina Higgins and her letter alone and move on. No doubt she meant well. We all long for peace. Jesus Christ, we all know – as does Sabina – that Vladimir Putin is the real villain here.

Brian McDevitt, Glenties, Co Donegal

The government can no longer ignore the unity debate

There are signs that young, educated, unionized people from Northern Ireland are receptive to the idea of ​​a united Ireland. But of course they want to know what unity would mean for daily life, public services and the economy in the north.

They receive no response or encouragement from Taoiseach Micheál Martin or the Irish Government. In fact, Mr. Martin seems to be doing everything he can to discourage such people from seeking a common future with the rest of us. His repeated attacks on those who try to plan responsibly for unity only strengthen the “no” men of unionism.

It is up to the Irish Government to offer a constructive way. This applies not only to the union community, but to all of us – in the North and in the Republic – who see the new Ireland that is clearly on the horizon.

Partition has failed and offers no long-term stability or economic progress. It is time for the Taoiseach to show real political leadership and rise to the challenge of charting the future of this island.

A citizens’ assembly on all islands would be a start.

Oonagh Prendergast, Dundalk, Co. Louth

Banning vigils at abortion facilities would be so wrong

About 33 percent of voters voted to keep the Eighth Amendment in the 2018 referendum. This represents a significant number of people.

However, it seems that these people’s sensitivities and feelings should be completely ignored. Some choose to show their feelings by having a peaceful presence/vigil outside of abortion facilities.

According to the Gardaí, there were no incidents attributable to these vigils. In this context, government proposals to ban such a presence are grossly overblown and extremely draconian.

Peaceful protest (in this case the word “protest” is even too strong) is the hallmark of a civilized society.

eric conway, Navan, Co Meath

This is a bad time for the US to stoke tensions with China

In 1972, the leaders of the US and China issued a communiqué in Shanghai. This
was after open talks between President Richard Nixon and Chairman Mao Zedong.

The US recognized the view of all Chinese on both sides of the Taiwan Strait who claim that Taiwan is part of China. The US government does not question this position. May I ask why America is now trying to stoke tensions in a volatile world?

Paul Doran, Dublin 22 Brutal Russian warmongers are not interested in negotiations

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