Burger King fans disagree over controversial Barbie burger


Everything’s better in pink…well, at least that’s what Barbie fans thought before Burger King unveiled their newest menu item.

The meal includes a “Pink Burger – complete with a smoky pink sauce, cheddar cheese, crispy bacon cubes and a brioche bun – “Ken’s Potatoes” (aka Burger King’s signature fries in a themed container) and a “Barbie Donut Shake“, a milkshake with a pink icing glazed donut for dessert.

The food that aconsistent with the upswing”BarbicoreThe trend is only available in the South American country.

After Twitter users got wind of the pink meal, there were, shall we say, a lot more “yikes” than “yays.”

On the other hand, other users have been pretty excited about the new pigmented sandwich, with one person even asking if the food will eventually end up in the US.

Another poked fun at the pink sauce, recalling last year when TikTok users were in a stranglehold over another viral “pink sauce” that contained dragon fruit.

It seems the multinational fast food chain is flirting with making the world’s most outlandish dishes. The Thai sites have recently launched a huge offer Whole Cheese Burger with – you guessed it – nothing but cheese.

Barbie“” starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling hits theaters July 21.

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