Can I be fined for speeding if there is no speed limit sign?

Millions of motorists are fined for speeding each year.

And fines of up to £2,500 can be awarded to those caught breaking the law.

Motorists can be fined up to £2,500 for speeding


Motorists can be fined up to £2,500 for speedingCredit: Getty

Can I be fined for speeding if there are no signs?


There is no need for a speed camera warning sign to be caught speeding.

Speed ​​limits can also sometimes be detected without a speed limit sign.

For example, street lights and buildings on the road indicate a 30 mph limit unless otherwise stated.

Two-way roads and highways have a 70 mph limit.

However, vehicles other than regular cars may also have lower speed limits than the one on the sign.

For example, a car with a trailer can only travel at 60 mph on a two-way street or highway.

These limits are not always signposted but drivers still need to know and obey them or face fines.

How much is the penalty for speeding?

The minimum penalty for speeding is £100 and three penalty points.

Drivers may be disqualified if they score 12 or more within three years.

If you go to court and plead guilty, you will have to pay £100 unless given the option of taking a speed awareness course.

If you plead not guilty but are found speeding, you could be charged up to £1,000.

The maximum fine is £2,500 if caught speeding on the motorway.

But offenders can be charged up to 175% of their weekly income, on a scale depending on the severity of the offence.

How far do you need to go over the speed limit to get a 150% fine

20mph Zone – Drive 41mph or more

30mph – Drive 51mph or more

40mph – Drive 66mph or more

50mph – Drive 76mph or more

60mph – Drive 91mph or more

70mph – Drive 101mph or more

How do I know if I have been arrested for speeding?

ONE speed camera can flash if it did force you to speed, although not all of them did.

But within two weeks of being caught, and usually after five business days, motorists will receive a fixed penalty notice through their door.

Jack Cousens, head of road policy at AA, previously told The Sun: “The only way a motorist can be sure they’ve been arrested for speeding is when a ticket is presented. via the mailbox.”

He added: “Speed ​​cameras are digital so film is no longer used and not all of them flash when a speeding car passes it.

“So sometimes there’s no immediate indication that someone has been arrested.” Can I be fined for speeding if there is no speed limit sign?

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