Can you guess Iono’s Pokémon? – new Paldean Pokémon to be revealed soon

POKÉMON has released a new trailer for Scarlet and Violet, featuring a new Gym Leader and her signature Pokémon.

The new studio manager is called Iono and is a celebrity as a streamer and influencer in the Paldea region.

Firagiraf was the latest revealed Pokemon.


Firagiraf was the latest revealed Pokemon.Credit: The Pokemon Company

She carries two pink and blue Magnemites on her head, matching her choice of Electric-type Pokémon.

Iono will be running the Levincia Gym, and she’s given us clues about her signature Pokemon, which appears to be new to the Paldea region.

In her trailer, she gives a number of clues, including that she is not a member of the Magnemite family.

Instead, she describes it as soft and lazy as well as cute, which suits her style.

She also says that it has two bumps on its head that people mistake for eyes and that it stores electricity in its abdomen.

The new Gen 2 evolution is revealed in the latest Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailer
All new Pokemon for Scarlet and Violet

Here are our best guesses for Iono’s signature Pokemon based on their quiz:

The Development of Dunsparce

Dunsparce deserves a development.


Dunsparce deserves a development.Credit: The Pokemon Company

Generation 2’s have seen many single-phase Pokemon evolve recently, including Wyrdeer and Overqwil from Legends: Arceus, and Firagiraf in Scarlet and Violet.

There are also rumors that a new evolution for Delibird will appear in the upcoming games as well.

Dunsparce is yellow and blue in coloration, while the shiny one is pink and yellow, which matches Iono’s colors.

It’s a very sluggish Pokemon with eye-like bumps on its head, despite not being an Electric-type.

However, Pokemon often change type as they evolve, and Dunsparce has the stats to allow it to evolve and its appearance suits the Electric-type.

Pawmi’s development

Pawmi is a new Generation 9 Pokémon.


Pawmi is a new Generation 9 Pokémon.Credit: The Pokemon Company

Pawmi is a new Pokemon introduced for the Paldea region and is considered to be one of the Pokemon that Nemona uses.

It is said to store electricity in its fur, similar to how Ionos Pokémon stores electricity in its abdomen.

Pawmi looks like a basic Pokemon and will likely have an evolution as well.

Paldean Relaxo

Relaxo definitely suits the lazy type.


Relaxo definitely suits the lazy type.Credit: The Pokemon Company

Soft, cute, sluggish, stores things in his tummy? That sounds a lot like fan-favorite Pokémon Relaxo.

Relaxo already has impressive stats, so it’s unlikely to get any further development, but it could get a new typing in Paldean form.

It’s already blue and yellow in coloration and it has closed eyes, which could mean a Paldean form has eye-like bumps.


Full Belly, Hangry and possibly another mode.


Full Belly, Hangry and possibly another mode.Credit: The Pokemon Company

Morpeko is an Electric/Dark Pokémon with two modes: Electric Full Belly Mode and Dark Hangry Mode.

It also stores electricity in food in its cheek pouches, which it then eats.

Terastylization allows for a third type that could indicate a third mode for Morpeko, and Morpeko’s eyes switch between each mode.

It could also be a Paldean form, giving Morpeko a new typing and mode.

Paldean Ampharos

Ampharos has already received special treatment.


Ampharos has already received special treatment.Credit: The Pokemon Company

This is our least likely guess, but there are a few things pointing to a new Ampharos form.

Ampharos’ shiny form is blue and pink, while his regular form is yellow.

It is an electric type and also has red bumps on its head and tail. More of these appear in his mega form.

Ampharos is also one of the slower Electric-type Pokemon, and with the Gen 2 revival, that could be Ionos Pokemon.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN.

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