Canned lagers available in supermarkets, from best to worst – see full list

With summer just around the corner and barbecues on the agenda, here’s a selection of canned lagers you can usually buy in a supermarket, sorted from worst to best

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There is a difference between elite canned beer and taste foot canned beer

There’s mostly a very good reason why we mostly pay more to consume lager from a pump.

Canned beer tends to flatten out, heats up quickly when left in the sun, and generally feels a little less fancy.

But it’s summer and with summer comes grilling and with grilling comes canned beer. And while it’s a second-class citizen for draft beer, there’s a clear difference between elite canned beer and canned beer that tastes like feet.

To save you from the latter, LancashireLive have ranked the best and worst lagers you’ll typically find in supermarkets and on store shelves. Yes, you might find a mark missing, and yes, you might cite injustices in the difference between dumb cans and large cans. But we make the rules here and that’s how we did it. Tell me in the comments what a pagan I am.

Do you agree that Budweiser is a “safe but boring” option?


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Goes flat very quickly, is quite bitter and really quite metallic. Do not save yourself from these traits in any redeemable way. “Not Quite Carling” ads are charming, but totally out of touch with reality.


Not quite the pure can of water it might have been a few years ago, it’s actually not a terrible thing to drink.


Or Tuborg. To be honest it’s quite difficult to write about some of these in any tangible other way, a bit like ranking Zizzi, Ask Italian and Prezzo. This is the stuff on tap, you can drink it, you don’t feel good about it.


Someone always hands me the can on Kendal Calling when I’m out. A bit beige and doesn’t really excel in anything special.


An odd one in that it thinks it’s a beer for the connoisseurs among us. A beer for people for whom drinking is serious business, whether in the pub or at the garden buffet with the kids and small sausage rolls. Better on tap, it spoils a bit in the can.


Lots of Staropramen fans out there so I’ll shut down my emails for the day this goes live as will I if we give any indication as to where the Lancashire border is. My problem is this: It’s way too thick. Wouldn’t be surprised to hear someone took two slices of bread and butter, a bowl and some salt and pepper to get down a can.

Bud light

For people who need a can at a social event but don’t really want to drink that day. For example, an increasingly exhausted self during last year’s World Cup. Just don’t drink, you’ll feel better. Otherwise completely harmless.

Stella Artois

Unfortunately Stella Artois could still have something of a branding issue as I associate it with people who look like they are harming me in some way. That association is actually unfair, as she ranks very highly out of all the veteran brass players on this list. Not that bad.

San Miguel

Like Staropramen, but tastier, less soupy, has less snobbery, and is ubiquitous enough that no one pretends it’s a treat. It’s better on tap than in a can by some distance.

Beer is a summertime staple at British BBQs – what’s your favourite?


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Lost camp

Lost Lager is surprisingly okay, even if it feels like they’re not doing so well. It’s usually one of the more expensive options on the shelf and never quite justifies it. It doesn’t help that they’ve had a controversial period in recent years and consequently the brand feels as punk as my big toe.

Never as good a camp as it thinks.


Like Foster’s, but good. Very easy, very safe.

Birra Moretti

One of the better “premiums” by far is Moretti, beating Kronenbourg, San Mig and Staro with minimal effort. Reminds me a bit of James Milner in that I never really get too worked up about it, although it always delivers a solid 7/10 in any form.


Probably the safest and most boring option on the list, but it scores highly for its staying power when left out on a sunny day. Being a little warm doesn’t dampen enthusiasm for Budweiser quite the way it does for the others.

red stripe

The beer of choice for people who have been to concerts for years. I’ve never seen it in draft and honestly I never want to. Drinking out of a can is just as normal as drinking Guinness out of a glass. Drinkable, light, carries an unmistakable air of mysticism and your local off-license sells out when the sun comes out, and for good reason.


A newcomer to the canned world. For about a year we all proved our intellect/ability to pull a joke by leaving it on the shelf during the pandemic. You can’t (or shouldn’t) put a lime wedge in a can and it’s always better without a lime.

As a side note, it’s also been showing up in drafts in a lot of pubs lately, which has really added a lot to my overall perception of Corona. It used to be my go-to place when we walked into a pub that would normally serve sewage in the taps, but it’s gone way beyond that now.


Was one of my favorites until Estrella swam into my life to steal the crown. It’s been around forever—but it wasn’t elite forever. I would never order it in a pub no matter how tempting the frozen pump looks. But in its small can it packs a lot of flavor and reliability.


You probably discovered a topic in the last few entries: Stubbies win. Far less time is spent at the base of the can, where the flat parts fuse with your saliva to yield something that no longer resembles the original product. Almost lost first place because Boris Johnson had raised one at the time. However, it’s always a treat when you spot one, and while this is an article about cans, it would also take the absolute top spot if we were to review draft lagers as well.

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