Car expert shares 5 top tips to save fuel while driving

With the cost of living rising, Brits are doing everything they can to keep their spending down – an expert shares his tips for keeping fuel costs down while driving

Refueling has never been so uncomfortable
Refueling has never been so uncomfortable

The cost of living crisis kicked into gear on April 1 after the new energy price cap raised the amount energy companies can charge you by 54%.

That unwanted jump could see Brits pocket £708 more, enough to leave needy families in deep trouble – and that’s before any of the other many price increases are factored in.

Fuel prices are at an astronomical high and gas stations make for gloomy reading. The RAC reports that the average petrol price in the UK on March 31 was a whopping 163.28 pence per liter.

Government efforts to ease that pain have fallen far short of target, with Chancellor Rishi Sunak promising a meager break of £2 for a 40-litre tank with his 5p fuel tax cut.

But despite the government’s inability to step up to those who need a little extra help, there are things we can all do on the streets to keep the needle out of the red and keep our tanks moving forward.

Ben Newman, findandfundmycar’s resident expert, shared some tips on getting every penny out of an (extremely expensive) tank.

Keep your gas cap closed

Fuel prices displayed on a petrol pump in the Chelsea Borough of London in March 2022



According to Ben, a good place to start is at the gas cap.

He said: “Making sure your gas cap is on really tight can help your car get that extra mile and go that little bit further. Gasoline is a liquid, and when a liquid gets too hot, it evaporates into the air.

“Think about it: if your cap is extremely tight, the gas has nowhere to go. This ensures your fuel stays in the car and doesn’t seep through the cap into the air. So next time you go to your car, double check that the cap is as tight as possible.”

Make your car lighter

This may seem obvious, but the lighter your car, the less work the engine has to do.

Ben said: “The heavier the vehicle, the more fuel it uses.

“I’m not suggesting that everyone trade their larger car for a smaller one, but I do suggest that you remove any junk from your car that isn’t needed for that particular trip.”

He added: “If you have a trunk full of things you don’t use and your car is kitted out with bike racks and a tow vehicle, then empty the trunk and leave the extra kit at home to lighten your car.” “

Check that your tire pressures are spot on

In order for your tank to work efficiently, the rest of your engine must also work. A good starting point is your tires.

Ben said: “Tyre rolling resistance, which is the effort required to keep a tire rolling while driving, accounts for about 15% of total fuel consumption. Because of this consumption, it is important to keep tire pressure high.

“Not only do you drive safely, you also save fuel.”

Turn off the engine

Drivers are understandably looking for every opportunity to keep road costs down


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What better way to save fuel than not using one? According to Ben, a good way to do it is to turn off the engine completely whenever you can.

He said: “If you’re stuck in traffic or standing still for more than a minute or so, turn off your engine. If you leave your car running, even when it’s not moving, the fuel will burn up pretty quickly. Not only that, it’s also bad for the environment.”

He continued, “If you can see traffic coming to a halt in front of you, don’t longingly think it’s picking up speed anytime soon – turn off the engine and wait until you see movement.”

Be calm on the gas

The big trick to getting the most out of your tank is driving it smoothly.

“Poor driving habits can seriously affect fuel economy and are the biggest contributors to wasted gasoline and diesel,” said Ben

“Accelerating, braking and rapid acceleration wastes both petrol and diesel, so it’s important that you drive sensibly: no sudden braking and no sudden acceleration. Drive less like a racer and more like a street driver.”

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