Carlee Russell: Police cannot verify the enforced disappearance account


The evidence does not support many of the details of Carlee Russell and her family’s account of their disappearance on July 13 in Hoover, Alabama, police said in a news conference on Friday.

Russell’s disappearance made headlines around the world after she called 911 on the night of July 13 and said she saw a toddler in a diaper walking along the side of a busy freeway. In a call to her relatives moments later, her mother said they heard her scream before she fell silent.

When police arrived minutes later, Russell’s car was still running, but she was gone. Police found her belongings, including a purse, cell phone and a wig, in and near the car. They saw no child, nor was one reported missing by others.

After a major nationwide search, Russell returned home on foot 48 hours later. She was transported to a hospital, treated and discharged. Police said today Russell gave them a detailed story about a couple’s kidnapping that night, but they have been unable to find any evidence to support their story.

Investigators said surveillance footage showed Russell taking a bathrobe and toilet paper from her employer and buying snacks from Target, but none were found in or near her car. They also said internet searches conducted in the days leading up to her disappearance included questions about Amber Alerts, “How to withdraw money from a register without getting caught”, “Birmingham Bus Station” and the film “Taken”.

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