Carlee Russell tweeted “Enforced Disappearances: Reports” just minutes before the 911 call.


Carlee Russell posted several tweets in the hour before her 911 call and subsequent disappearance in Alabama last week. the New York Post And People reported on Friday.

The news comes two days after officials in Hoover said they were “unable to verify reports from Russell and her family of their high-profile disappearance.”

A Twitter account reportedly linked to the 25-year-old nursing student shows a tweet — shared about 40 minutes before Russell’s July 13 911 call — said: “Today was a GREAT day.”

Another, posted a minute later, reads, “Someone who tells you ‘I love you’ and has no reason to.”

The most recent account tweetPosted 15 minutes before 911 called, reads, “Yes, I want a family now 😭.”

HuffPost could not independently verify the account’s owner. However, it has a username similar to an Instagram account associated with Russell and uses an image from that.

Social media users have also pointed out that the account posted tweets in the days leading up to the woman’s disappearance about work complaints and about the feeling “sought.”

Russell is said to have stolen a bathrobe, toilet paper and other items from her employer, Woodhouse Spa, before she left work on July 13.

Stuart Rome, who owns Woodhouse Spa, said the New York Post that Russell has since been fired.

“The thought of a colleague being kidnapped was really devastating to her,” Rome said, referring to the spa staff.

“When the information came out, there were some questionable things [surrounding the purported disappearance]we were a little upset, mainly because so many people took so much time to search.”

Russell went missing on July 13 after calling 911 to report an infant walking down a busy freeway at night. Grainy traffic video shows Russell’s car pull up at the curb and officers later discover her phone and other items in her unattended vehicle. Officials said no one else had reported a missing child and they had not seen any child in the area.

Russell appeared at her home on July 15 and told investigators that she had been kidnapped the night of her disappearance.

During a news conference on Wednesday, the Hoover Police Chief said the investigation into Russell’s disappearance was still ongoing.

“We are still working on this case and will work until we find all the evidence to help us explain the 49 hours that Carlee Russell went missing,” said chief Nick Derzis.

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