Chris Christie calls Trump an ‘angry old man’ in a new interview.


Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie did not hold back a new interview about his opposition to former President Donald Trump.

“He’s a totally self-absorbed, self-possessed, self-absorbed, angry old man,” Christie told CBS News’ Robert Costa, who asked him about “the truth about Trump.”

“And he doesn’t care about anyone other than himself,” the former New Jersey governor added in an interview that aired Sunday. “And if he ever becomes president again, I’ll take him at his word. He said, “I am your vengeance.” Well, he’s not our vengeance, Bob. He will be his own vengeance.”

Christie, a Trump ally-turned-vocal critic, said his “breaking point” came when the former president first claimed without evidence that the 2020 election was stolen from him.

“That moment was the turning point for me and there’s no going back for me,” added Christie.

When asked about his past support for Trump, Christie denied that he was a lateral thinker and said there was “100% no chance” that he would support Trump again.

“I’m no different now than when I supported him in 2016,” he said. “He’s the one who kept confidential documents against the law. That lied to his lawyers and the government.”

Trump, who is leading the Republican field for the 2024 presidential nomination, has faced three criminal charges this year. He was charged in New York over an alleged hush-money scheme to influence the 2016 election.

He was also charged with dozens of federal crimes over his handling of classified documents after leaving office and allegedly obstructing subsequent investigations. Last week he was charged with four counts in connection with his attempt to overthrow the 2020 election.

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