Chris Christie has an unfiltered answer to the question about supporting Trump


Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was crystal clear when asked if he would support Donald Trump as the Republican candidate.

Christie, who was once a close ally of Trump but is now one of his biggest critics, has said in recent weeks that he will not support Trump again. On Monday, the 2024 GOP nominee gave what may be his most definitive statement on the subject yet to Newsmax’s Eric Bolling.

“The former president behaved in a way that, in my opinion, was disrespectful to the Constitution and violated the Constitution, and I simply cannot support a man who does things like that and then just recently said that Mark Milley did that “subject to execution,” Christie said.

“NO. I can’t do that,” he added.

Bolling had previously asked Christie whether the GOP candidates should simply consolidate behind Trump, who remains the Republicans’ all-time leader in the polls despite his myriad legal troubles.

“He doesn’t have a good word to say about any of us, neither the people who were for him nor the people who were against him,” Christie replied.

Bolling said Trump is better than President Joe Biden or any other Democratic alternative, such as Vice President Kamala Harris, California Gov. Gavin Newsom or even former first lady Michelle Obama.

“Look, I don’t think any of these choices are good choices. That’s why I’m running,” Christie said. Any candidate “would be a better president than he is and a better candidate than he could ever be,” he added.

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