Chris Hayes debunks the myth of Rudy Giuliani falling


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes said the Georgia indictment against former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was a “remarkable fall from grace” for a man once hailed as “America’s mayor.”

It was once thought that Giuliani had a shot at the presidency.

Now, Hayes said, he’s a “disgraced laughing stock” who provided a punchline in the 2020 sequel “Borat.”

“In the final chapter of his life, Rudy Giuliani is the object of ridicule and contempt,” Hayes said. “He’s on the brink of bankruptcy, both reputationally and financially. He is considering the possibility of spending the rest of his days on this earth in prison.”

Hayes then debunked a major myth about the former mayor – to show that his recent public humiliations in the service of Donald Trump might not be an aberration after all.

“If you take a closer look, you realize that Rudy was actually this version of Rudy all along,” he said. “Or at least had it in them.”

Hayes showed how Giuliani used his office as a prosecutor to attack political rivals and promoted racist conspiracy theories about elections more than two decades ago.

“You could say, ‘What happened to Rudy?'” Hayes said. “Or you could say, ‘That was always Rudy — to the end.'”

Check out the full section below:

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