Chris Wallace is quick to put the brakes on the RNC chairman’s Biden furlough concerns


McDaniel, who once spoke about it: “irregularitiesIn the 2020 election, he focused on inflation concerns and then focused on how Biden spends some of his time outside the White House.

“Go to the grocery store — I don’t know if Joe Biden went to the grocery store because he spent 40% of his presidency on vacation,” McDaniel said, citing numbers the RNC had used to criticize the president.reward yourself” earlier this year.

Wallace hit back at McDaniel for her remarks, citing his time covering Ronald Reagan.

“No president is ever on vacation. The job goes with him,” Wallace explained before addressing one of Trump’s hobbies, which he has pursued hundreds of times as president.

“And, you know…if we’re going to play rounds of golf, I think Donald Trump is the man for him.”

According to a December 2020 HuffPost analysis, Trump played golf at his estates at least 289 times during his presidency, costing $151.5 million to do so.

McDaniel later asked Wallace if he thought Biden “should forego a vacation,” before the moderator returned to Trump and ranted about his 2020 election defeat.

“Let me ask you that, Chris. Don’t you think that once in a while he should skip a vacation and ask himself, “How do I fix this ship?” He isn’t. Maybe don’t go to the beach, Joe! Maybe…” McDaniel said.

“I think that would have been a much better response for Donald Trump than to say, ‘I won 2020,'” Wallace replied.

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