Church welcomes all views, not just “believers”


At the risk of being identified as what your editorial (“Church must listen to what believers tell it – and act”, Irish Independent, 17 August) described as “a secretive, doctrine-bound Vatican elite”. , I want to make a few points.

In her article on page 8, Sarah MacDonald quotes Professor Mary McAleese’s reference to the census (“Landmark report does not shy away from Church’s hot-button matters”).

It is important to remember that “believers” in this context means those who accept and are faithful to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

The synodality program rightly facilitated the expression of all views, and these are evidently included in the synthesis.

However, it would be wrong to conclude, as some commentators have done, that all opinions expressed in the report represent the “views of Irish Catholics”.

I have no doubt that the Church will carefully consider all opinions expressed.

However, it’s unlikely to live up to the hopes of everyone who submitted an entry.

Frank Murphy, Strandhill Road, Sligo

A universal priesthood is what Jesus wanted

I seriously doubt that Jesus was misogynistic. In fact I think he would like to see female priests, married priests and LGBTQ+ priests. Change is tough but necessary.

The people have spoken. What is the Catholic Church without its people?

Maria O’Donovan, Co. Cork

Politicians should try to see the dangers of public transport

If all politicians were obliged to use public transport, Tánaiste Leo Varadkar would not be so indifferent to the dangers of fools and criminals on our streets, buses and trains (‘Harassing the traffic police sends the wrong signal’, Irish Independent Editorial, August 18).

Start removing free parking for TDs and Senators under Leinster House.

Karl Martin, Dublin 13

It’s not okay to charge €1,000 a month to use a room

The housing disaster is creating a new cohort of people who think it’s okay to charge $1,000 a month for a room in their apartment. There are also ads for 700 to 800 euros a month, with the caveat that tenants can only stay there from Monday to Friday.

It’s immoral on every level and the government needs to step in.

Young people don’t have the money to go to Mayo or Galway or Kerry for the weekend, while some unscrupulous dubs detail the beauties of their homes in sickening detail.

One ad says dishwasher tabs are included but bills are shared; €500 a month is very good money for any homeowner and that should be the maximum rent per room.

Can homeowners in Dublin please reconsider the huge rents being charged? To do this, we need legislation, otherwise we will face a mental health crisis among our young people.

Margaret Docherty, Terenure, Dublin 6W

Nothing is sacred – now even Kilimanjaro is Instagram famous

George Mallory was asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest. His answer was simple: “Because it is there.”

Unfortunately, it was a long time – 75 years – before his body was found. His camera, which would have shown if he would have made it to the summit, was never discovered.

Tanzanian government installs high-speed internet at the top of Kilimanjaro. Why? There are some safety benefits on the climbs, but the real reason is that tourists can have their Instagram post online instantly.

Has humanity lost its mind? The climb is a challenge for the brave and strong, and their reward is what they can see when they get there.

There used to be “Kodak moments” that you had to wait weeks for, but now there’s instant gratification for the climber and all of their followers.

Dennis Fitzgerald, Melbourne, Australia

Why feelings matter in the free speech debate

I AGREE with the sentiments expressed in Tom McElligott’s letter: “Freedom of expression cannot cross the line and harm other people” (Irish IndependentAugust 17).

Please allow me to quote the wonderful American black activist Maya Angelou: “I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you did them have felt.”

Brian McDevitt, Glenties, Co Donegal Church welcomes all views, not just “believers”

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