Clinton says McCarthy is “too weak” to stand up to Republican Party voters who are calling for Biden’s impeachment


Clinton spoke with MSNBC’s Jen Psaki and told the host that some in the Republican Party were using impeachment as a political weapon to rile her base “while making up things that are, in fact, baseless.”

“There’s nothing there,” Clinton said. “They know there is nothing there, and unfortunately the Speaker of the House is too weak to stand up to the most rabid bloc of his members who don’t care what the truth or the facts are.”

“They just want to stand out and try to cause problems for President Biden,” she added.

McCarthy unilaterally directed House committees to open the impeachment inquiry earlier this month, giving in to the far-right faction in his party. The speaker claimed Republicans had uncovered “serious and credible allegations” centering on millions of dollars in payments from foreign nationals to the president’s son, Hunter Biden, during the years when the elder Biden was vice president.

Despite his calls to move forward, McCarthy is struggling to contain a faction of his party as a government shutdown looms that puts his leadership in jeopardy.

Clinton told Psaki on Sunday that impeachment posed “no real threat” to the president but rather had a negative impact on Republicans.

“It’s a real commitment from the Republican Party, they have no agenda, they have no interest in bringing people together to solve problems,” she said. “They don’t want a solution to what’s happening at the border, they want a political problem that they can use to their own advantage. That’s it.”

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