CNN host ignites Donald Trump’s wild ‘Wolves’ ad: ‘Fact-checking machine is broken’


CNN’s John King gave a scathing look at Donald Trump’s latest 2024 campaign video on Wednesday’s Inside Politics.

Trump’s campaign attack ad suggested that the “far left” knew that Trump, the GOP’s lead candidate, would “crush” President Joe Biden in next year’s election, and that they are now treating the former president “like a pack rabid wolves” attack.

“The fact-checking machine is broken the first time I watch this,” King quipped after watching the clip with CNN correspondent Kristen Holmes.

King noted the “interesting” timing of the video’s release, considering Special Counsel Jack Smith was reportedly close to completing his criminal investigation into Trump’s misappropriation of classified documents following his exit from the White House and his role in the March 6 riot .January stands.

The ad “seems very much like it’s a pre-emptive strike,” Holmes said, citing Trump advisers who are “preparing for another possible indictment against the former president.”

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