CNN legal analyst uncovers ‘key’ piece of evidence against Trump


Elie Honig, senior legal analyst at CNN, highlighted on Tuesday what he thinks may be one of the “most important” pieces of evidence in the election conspiracy case against former President Donald Trump.

Honey, a former assistant US attorney, pointed out that Trump’s doubts about allegations of voter fraud by Sidney Powell, a lawyer who tried to reverse his 2020 election defeat for him, could undermine the former president’s defense that he genuinely believed the vote was rigged.

“I think the most important evidence in this indictment, one of them, is that Donald Trump talks about allegations made by Sidney Powell about voter fraud and Donald Trump says those allegations are, I quote, ‘crazy,'” he said Honey.

“This will be a crucial battlefield in this case,” he predicted.

Trump card allegedly laughed on Powell’s unsubstantiated claims during a November 2020 phone call. “That sounds crazy, doesn’t it?” He reportedly asked others who were listening in on the call.

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