CNN writes glowing obituary for Twitter


CNN’s “Reliable sourceThe newsletter pathologically marked Twitter’s renaming as the “X” on Monday.

“Bye, little bird” the e-mail The company covering the media began its coverage of the news, which it crafted in the form of an obituary.

Twitter “played an outsized role in society by functioning as a digital town square” until it was “killed by its insane owner Elon Musk on Sunday,” according to the false eulogy. “It was 17 years old.”

“A zombie twitter known only as X reluctantly perseveres,” the email continued. “X is a deformed and twisted platform and marches on like a White Walker, an ugly shell of his former self under the command of a vile leader.”

The parody obituary described X as a platform where “identity verification is gone and identity theft is just a paid subscription away”, where “journalists are banned and vilified while the most repugnant and dishonest voices are raised” and where “the rules are unclear and content moderation is largely a thing of the past”.

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