CNN’s Dana Bash calls out the Los Angeles Times for the ‘ex-wife’ headline


The network announced that the 51-year-old veteran political correspondent would be hosting the network’s broadcasts “Inside Politics” news broadcast.

Bash will replace John King, who will lead a new reporting project telling stories about voters in key battleground states.

That’s because the original headline, “John King is leaving CNN’s ‘Inside Politics’ for a new role. His ex-wife, Dana Bash, will succeed him,” focusing on the fact that the two were once married. from 2008 to 2012 and had a son together – and did not have her own essential qualifications for the position.

Here’s how Bash called out the paper on Twitter:

Hello @latimes

– Yes, John and I used to be married. We are friends now and share a wonderful son. In this context, I am not an “ex-wife”, but a seasoned journalist with decades of experience who has worked hard to earn this role. please do better

The newspaper took her criticism to heart and removed the reference to the ex-wife from the headline, and she graciously replied, “Thank you.”

HuffPost contacted the Los Angeles Times, which did not immediately respond.

Bash also congratulated King on his new appearance.

Still, many people were understandably concerned about the publication’s original headline, which came across to some as a reminder of outdated beliefs that a woman’s worth is directly related to that of the men in her life.

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