Colorado cat available for adoption after years on the baseball field

A medium-haired house cat that has patrolled Denver’s Coors Field for over a decade is now looking for a new home.

The Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue caught the attention of cat lovers when they put one up Entry for a cat named Smokey, also known as Midnight or, better known, the Coors Field cat.

The listing explains why Smokey is ready to retire from the Colorado Rockies precinct, where a team of caregivers has been caring for him since he took the field years ago.

After years of sunning himself in the field and chasing mice, he’s in search of a “permanent home” for his “golden years.”

“Smokey is starting to slow down,” the post reads. “He’s not as active as he used to be and he’s starting to have health issues. His primary caregiver has taken him home for the time being to better monitor his health, but Smokey is looking for a permanent home as he retires from his unofficial post as Head of Pest Control at Coors Field.”

Smokey, also known as Denver's Coors Field Cat, is looking for his forever home in Colorado.
Smokey, also known as Denver’s Coors Field Cat, is looking for his forever home in Colorado.

Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue

New owners would need to commit to frequent vet visits, but the pet adoption organization said that despite his health issues, Smokey “can still live a wonderful, long, healthy life with good care.”

ARR suggests that as a shy, older cat with little experience of other cats, Smokey should live alone in a “quiet home.” He has tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus, which means there is little risk of infection for other pets.

After adjusting to the finer things in life, the rescue said, Smokey “would benefit greatly from a secure ‘Catio’ where he can bird watch, feel the breeze and reminisce about the good old days.”

“He would be a great companion for someone who loves cats and has the patience to give him time to adjust to his new life,” the listing reads.

In a later update, the rescue said it had been inundated with requests for the furry baseball fan. The group thanked potential pet owners for their interest and listed several other cats who are also looking for loving owners.

Smokey won’t be the first fine feline friend to find his forever home after some time in the outfield.

A scruffy orange tabby named Beef was adopted by Chicago White Sox team photographer Darren Georgia after he was found at the South Side’s guaranteed rate field this spring.

“The ballpark food brought him here, and now he’s a lifelong Sox fan,” Georgia joked to the Block Club Chicago in March.

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