Commissioner Kristin Johnson sponsors CFTC Market Risk Advisory Committee

United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Commissioner Kristin N. Johnson was named a sponsor of the agency’s Market Risk Advisory Committee (MRAC) on Tuesday. She replaced CFTC Chairman Rostin Behnam in this capacity.

Johnson was appointed CFTC commissioner by US President Joe Biden in September 2021, concurrent with the nomination of Commissioner Christy Goldsmith Romero and incumbent Chairman Behnam for permanent chairmanship. Johnson was sworn in on March 30. She moved into the position after spending over a decade as a law professor. Johnson is the author of academic papers advocating tighter controls on cryptocurrency. Johnson said in a statement:

“Having spent my career overseeing risk management, I appreciate the MRAC’s significant and critical role in advising the Commission on risk management in our markets, including the emerging decentralized market structures in the digital asset or cryptocurrency markets that may are not dependent on mediation.”

The five CFTC commissioners Tuesday were assigned sponsorships for five of the six CFTC committees, excluding the CFTC-SEC Joint Advisory Committee. The MRAC consists of 36 industry leaders in derivatives and other financial markets, as well as academics and regulators. It includes members of the Federal Reserve Banks of New York and Chicago, HSBC Chief Operating Officer Chris Dickens, Goldman Sachs CEO Amy Hong, BlackRock CEO Eileen Kiely and members of the Futures Industry Association.

Johnson will deliver the keynote address “Exploring an Appropriate Regulatory Framework for [..] the burgeoning decentralized market for digital assets” at the FIA’s International Derivatives Expo on June 8 in London.