‘Complete failure’: How Russia overcame the invasion of Ukraine

Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was a “complete failure”, according to a leaked report by Russia’s security services, comparing the war to the fall of Nazi Germany.

The document published by Vladimir Osechkin, a Russian human rights activist who runs the anti-corruption website, claims that the death toll in Ukraine may have reached 10,000. The Russian Defense Ministry has so far acknowledged the loss of only 498 troops in the conflict.

Moscow is “acting on intuition” and “on emotion” with “the hope that all of a sudden something might happen to us,” the report states. “However, in general, Russia has no way out. There are no options for a possible victory, only defeat.”

‘Like Germany in 1944’

The report shows how “spies in Russia’s notorious security apparatus were concealed by Putin and his inner circle about plans to wage war in Ukraine but are now” blamed for the failure. defeat of the invasion”, Time speak.

The leak revealed that the FSB, the security agency that succeeded the KGB, “was given no warning” of the order for an invasion and “was not prepared.” deal with the effects of crippling sanctions, ” said the newspaper. Then “ordered to assess the impact of Western sanctions”, the security services “said it was a mock exercise”, the newspaper added.

“You have to write your analysis in a way that makes Russia a winner… otherwise you will be questioned for not doing a good job,” the FSB whistleblower wrote. “Suddenly it happens and it all comes down to your completely baseless analysis.”

The FSB is hoping “some damn advisers will convince the leadership” that the sanctions must end, they said, adding: “What if the West refuses? I wouldn’t rule out that we would be dragged into a real international conflict, like Hitler was in 1939.”

In another part of the report, the author describes Russia’s position as “like Germany in 1943-44”. They also admitted that the Russian Defense Ministry did not know the true number of Russian troops killed because “we have lost contact with the major divisions”.

Even with effort assassination of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy they succeeded, they also expressed doubt that Russia was capable of occupying Ukraine and preventing any internal opposition. “Even with minimal resistance from the Ukrainians, we still need more than 500,000 people, excluding logistics and supply staff.”

Christo Grozev, principal investigator for Russia’s security services at Bellingcat press group, told The Times that he gave the report to two FSB officers, both of whom said they “did not suspect anything.” is that it was written by a colleague.”

“Ukraine has previously leaked fake letters of the FSB in the form of psy-ops,” he said. “However, this letter seems different. It comes from a reputable source and is much longer than a forger would choose to make it. “

Nuclear fear

Amid reports that the Russian invasion was stalled by the army sabotaging their vehicles and by logistical setbacks, the letter is the latest evidence that “insecurity is growing in Russia”, The Times reported.

Lyudmila Narusova, a Russian senator, mentioned the losses suffered by the Russian military, claim on Friday that in a company of 100 conscripts only four survived. “Yesterday, conscripts, who were forced to sign contracts or sign on their behalf, were withdrawn from the war zone in Ukraine,” she said.

Narusova, the widow of Anatoly Sobchak, the first democratically elected mayor of St Petersburg who died under mysterious circumstances in 2000 when Putin took office, also expressed concern about the conflict with the radio station. Russian independent television. Dozhd.

The Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine were “wild, unburied dogs gnawing on bodies that in some cases could not be identified because they were burned,” she said. “I’m not identify myself with the representatives of the state voiced support for the war. They are following orders without thinking.”

The FSB report was leaked after the intervention of former foreign minister Andrei V Kozyrev, who claimed Russia had built a “Potemkin army” because money to modernize the armed forces was “stolen and used for big yachts in Cyprus”.

“But as a military adviser, you can’t report that to the president. So they reported the lies to him instead”, he tweetedadd a long string Putin “decided to invade Ukraine”“Is “horrible, but not irrational”.

Kozyrev also cast doubt on the proposition that Putin will use nuclear weapons, said that “he is rational” and “will not knowingly use nuclear weapons against the West”. “I say intentional because indiscriminate shelling near a nuclear power plant could cause an unintentional nuclear disaster in Ukraine,” he continued.

He concluded the topic by saying: “The West should not agree to any unilateral concessions or limit its support to Ukraine too much out of fear of nuclear war.”

Civil purposes

With a growing number of reports suggesting that Russia’s war effort has gone awry, there are growing concerns that civilians could be subjected to increasing levels of fire and shelling as the military desperately trying to break through fierce Ukrainian resistance.

New York Times it was reported yesterday that “a Russian force entering Kyiv has fired mortars” towards “a smashed bridge for evacuees fleeing the fighting, causing the civilian population to panic and flee, leaving four people behind.” dead on the sidewalk.”

The newspaper said that “the shells fell first about 100 yards from the bridge”, “then switched to a series of thunderous explosions into a stretch of road where people were fleeing”.

“A shell hit the road, carrying a cloud of concrete dust and leaving behind a family – a woman, a teenage son and a daughter about 8 years old; and a family friend – sprawled on the ground. ”

The Russian military also “once again broke the ceasefire agreements by attacking humanitarian corridors in two other Ukrainian cities”, walkie talkie reported, prompting Boris Johnson to denounce Putin’s war effort as “barbaric”.

“The non-compliance with the ceasefire agreements has caused hundreds of thousands of civilians to be trapped inside the besieged cities of Volnovakha and Mariupol,” the newspaper said. A second attempt to evacuate Mariupol was aborted yesterday. ‘Complete failure’: How Russia overcame the invasion of Ukraine

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