Conservative columnist: Trump is so bad that weak vessel Biden is better


Conservative commentator Max Boot declared on Monday why he believes there is “no choice” but to support President Joe Biden — whom he called “a weak vessel at best” — over Donald Trump in a potential 2024 rematch.

The Washington Post writer said he had “relaxed somewhat” after recent Democratic victories, but warned “now we’re back in crazytown” as the former president’s chances of becoming the Republican nominee for 2024 increase with ” The White House’s “excellent” chances of a reverse victory become smaller.

Trump currently leads the Republican field by far, even though the accusations against him are piling up.

Boot suggested that Trump “would probably be 10 times more dangerous this time because he wouldn’t let adults in the White House control his worst instincts.”

“Biden is a weak vessel at best, but he is the only realistic option we have,” he wrote. “It is true that he is 80 years old (and would be 82 at the start of a new term), and he often stumbles rhetorically and sometimes physically. But his successful performance in office belies his weak image.”

“Anyone who believes in preserving American democracy and the U.S.-led global order therefore has no choice but to support Biden in 2024, uninspiring as that may be,” Boot added.

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