Conservative PAC urges GOP voters to dump Trump in major ad campaign


A conservative super-PAC launches a major ad campaign urging voters to vote for someone other than Donald Trump in next year’s Republican primary.

Americans For Prosperity Action, a super PAC backed by billionaire conservative activist Charles Koch, is spending $1.68 million on ads in North Carolina, Arkansas and Tennessee. according to the Carolina Journal.

All three are among the 15 “Super Tuesday” states, or states that host nominating contests on March 5th. Given the number of states involved, a strong performance can make a candidacy while a poor performance can nullify it.

Christine Ravold, the PAC’s regional communications manager, told the Journal that “it’s time to turn our backs on Trump.”

The former president has been charged with a total of 91 offenses in four separate cases and is expected to spend much of the next year in courtrooms defending himself.

The PAC told the News & Observer that this was the case Concerns about Trump’s eligibility.

The spot appears to be the same one the PAC showed last week during the Republican presidential debate:

This ad was part of a $4 million campaign targeting the Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada primary elections. according to the Washington Post.

The PAC signaled earlier this year that it would support anyone other than Trump as the Republican Party nominee.

“The best thing for the country would be to have a president in 2025 who starts a new chapter,” wrote Emily Seidel, CEO of Americans for Prosperity, in one memo in February.

Earlier this summer, Americans for Prosperity Action announced it had raised $70 million for political campaigns.

The organization has never participated in primary elections but said that would change this time as they want to make sure Trump fails as they believe he would lose to President Joe Biden in next year’s general election.

“There is a clear sense of urgency in selecting candidates who can win,” said an unnamed PAC official said Reuters in June. “Even a significant number of President Trump’s supporters are concerned about his eligibility and open to an alternative.”

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