Cookie Clicker How to Get Sugar Lumps

On this information we’ll present you get Cookie Clicker Sugar Lumps. When you fail you may ask for assist in the feedback.

Cookie Clicker The way to Get Sugar Lumps

An vital ingredient in cookies is sugar, in any case, who doesn’t like a candy cookie? Sugar Lumps are an vital facet of Cookie Clicker as properly.

To get Sugar Lumps, you should first have baked at the very least one billion cookies. Upon getting carried out so, an in-game message will inform you about Sugar Lumps and your first Sugar Lump will begin to develop. As soon as it’s ripe, merely click on on the Sugar Lump to reap it. When you overlook to reap it, don’t fear as a result of it should robotically harvest.

That is the first technique of getting Sugar Lumps. Different methods embrace clicking a Golden Cookie with the Candy impact, harvesting a Juicy Queenbeet, or sacrificing a full seed log within the backyard. These are all uncommon occurrences so that you’re greatest wager is to reap ripe Sugar Lumps. Harvesting them earlier than they’re ripe has a 50 % probability to reap nothing.

Sugar Lumps are used to stage up buildings. Leveling up your buildings enhance its cookie manufacturing by one %. Leveling up your buildings will enhance the price of Sugar Lumps wanted to additional stage it up. Leveling up Farms, Banks, Temples, and Wizard Towers will unlock the Backyard, Inventory Market, Pantheon, and Grimoire Minigames respectively.

There are 5 varieties of Sugar Lumps. These are:

Sort Variety of Lumps when harvested Secondary Results
Regular Sugar Lump 1 None
Bifurcated Sugar Lump 50/50 probability of 1 or 2 With Sucralosia Inutilis:
47.5% probability of 1
52.5% probability of two
Golden Sugar Lump Equal probability of 2-7 Present cookies in financial institution is doubled (max. 24 hours of CpS), and a buff referred to as “Sugar blessing” is activated, which will increase the spawn price of golden cookies by 10% for twenty-four hours
Meaty Sugar Lump 40% probability of 0
20% probability of 1
40% probability of two
Caramelized Sugar Lump Equal probability of 1-3 Refills Sugar Lump cooldowns
Cookie Clicker The way to Get Sugar Lumps

Sugar Lumps are a secondary in-game forex (along with Cookies), and are opened once you’ve baked at the very least one billion cookies. As soon as unlocked, the gamer will get a message telling them about sugar lumps, and the very first sugar swelling begins to develop (located simply listed beneath the Stats button). Your sugar lumps (and the constructing ranges acquired with them) are everlasting, and can rollover all through ascensions. You possibly can acquire a Sugar Lump by clicking it when it’s ripe. When you overlook to assemble one, don’t sweat it – ripe lumps will fall and be collected immediately if you don’t do it in time, and it even works whereas the sport is closed. Sugar Lumps (and their perks) are handicapped when starting an ascension in Problem Mode, however they’ll nonetheless be auto-harvested for you even whereas inactive.

Gathering a Sugar Lump when it’s totally grown nevertheless not ripe will result in a 50% probability to not get something. (Reloading the tab with out saving can give you one other try at harvesting it). As soon as a Sugar Lump is collected, one other one will begin rising instantly in its location. You too can get a single Sugar Lump from clicking a Golden Cookie with the “Candy” consequence (an exceptionally unusual consequence that has a 1 in 5000 alternative of occurring) and gathering a Juicy Queenbeet (an exceptionally unusual backyard plant that requires quite a lot of experimentation to seek out). Compromising a full seed log within the Backyard will give you 10 Sugar Lumps at the price of all of your unlocked backyard vegetation.

Cookie Clicker How to Get Sugar Lumps
Cookie Clicker The way to Get Sugar Lumps

Sugar Lumps are primarily utilized to stage up constructions. Every time a construction is leveled up (which might be carried out on the default display screen displaying all of the constructions), it receives a everlasting 1% increase in cookie manufacturing, and the worth to stage it up will enhance by one Sugar Lump. Leveling up Farms, Banks, Temples, and Wizard Towers will open the Backyard, Inventory Market, Pantheon, and Grimoire minigames, respectively. Inside these minigames, you can too make the most of a single Sugar Lump to replenish all 3 of your worship swaps, immediately set off one growth tick, or replenish 100 techniques of your magic meter. (The Inventory Market doesn’t have a sugar lump consequence.).

Sugar Lump Varieties

There are 5 varied sorts of Sugar Lumps, every with differing outcomes. The commonest Sugar Lump is a traditional Sugar Lump, which has no distinctive results. There’s a small probability to develop both a Bifurcated, Caramelized or Golden Sugar Lump. A Bifurcated Sugar Lump has a 50% alternative to give you 2 sugar swellings as an alternative of only one. All through the Grandmapocalypse, Meaty Sugar Lumps would possibly develop as an alternative, which give between 0 and a pair of Sugar Lumps.

Caramelized Sugar Lumps are quite uncommon, drop in between 1 and three Sugar Lumps, and has the extra advantage of filling up Sugar Lump cooldowns. Golden Sugar Lumps are way more efficient and extremely uncommon. When gathered, a number of issues will happen: You’ll acquire anyplace in between two and seven Sugar Lumps, your current cookie quantity shall be doubled, and Golden Cookies will seem 10% extra typically for the following 24 hours.

The sort is recognized when the Sugar Lump is created proper after harvesting the earlier Sugar Lump. When the sport is closed, all auto-harvesting Sugar Lumps after the primary one shall be common, therefore yield 1 sugar swelling every.

Lump Choice

Choice of type of sugar swelling follows Random record system. Be aware that each one apart from the primary auto-harvesting Sugar Lumps will guarantee to be typical sort when the sport is closed, so open the online game when per ripening cycle to ensure maximal risk of getting an uncommon sort of swelling.

The complete selection remedy is:.

  • Add Regular to a pool.
  • Test to see if an unusual swelling sort must be contributed to the pool.
    • When you have the heavenly improve Sucralosia Inutilis, 15% probability so as to add Bifurcated to the pool, in any other case 10% risk so as to add Bifurcated to the pool.
    • 0.3% probability to incorporate Golden to the swimming pool.
    • 2% probability to incorporate Caramelized to the swimming pool.
    • 0%, 10%, 20% and 30% so as to add Meaty to the pool if the online game stays in Appeased, Awoken, Displeased and Angered part of Grandmapocalypse respectively.
  • If the Dragon’s Curve dragon aura is lively, repeat the examine process for uncommon swelling sorts one time. If Actuality Bending is lively, there’s a 10% probability of repeating the examine an additional time. If each auras are lively, there’s a 90% alternative of repeating the examine as quickly as, and a ten% risk of repeating two occasions. Unusual sorts might be added to the pool greater than as quickly as.
  • Choose a random sugar swelling sort from the swimming pool.


Presently, Sugar Lumps are probably the most helpful facet of the sport, as they’re actually uncommon. It’s suggested to spend the primary 4 Sugar Lumps on opening the 4 minigames, then spending Sugar Lumps to enlarge the backyard (getting Farms to stage 9), and lastly conserving them for the Sugar baking increase (having 100 swellings). Although, some try to realize stage 12 cursors previous to saving for the sugar baking enhance as this assists with the inventory market permitting players to get the optimum stage inventory market accomplishment. After this, the participant should then spend swellings on probably the most highly effective constructing to stage 10, and achieve this for each single constructing. After getting all stage 10 accomplishments, the participant might then choose to improve Cursors to stage 20, taking full benefit of the Luminous Gloves improve, which, when at stage 20, doubles clicking energy. In spite of everything this has been achieved, the participant would possibly choose to take a position their swellings nonetheless they need, akin to within the Grimoire and for Sugar Frenzies, nevertheless to bear in mind to maintain the general amount of lumps over 100, and can also be suggested to maintain round 50 further, simply in case a brand new construction is added.

To get stage 10 accomplishments, one wants 55 Sugar Lumps, so 55 * 17 = 935 for all of them. You possibly can harvest ~ 1.09 totally grown Sugar Lumps each 17 hours 54 minutes with all acceptable upgrades, and calmed grannies. this requires lively gathering totally grown lumps, and save scumming botched harvests. Below these circumstances, you may get 55 Sugar Lumps in about 37.6 days. When you go away the online game closed it should take about 45.7 days. This leaves 37.6 * 17 = 640 days lively, or 777 days passive for all stage 10 achievements, which totals as much as merely over two years.

Compromising backyard might reduce the time to 50% or extra, which depends upon how lively you play. Gathering Juicy Queenbeets additionally helps. Each strategies requires save scumming to be efficient. If you wish to acquire a Golden Sugar Lump and get the All-natural strolling stick sugar shadow accomplishment, you require to pop 690 Sugar Lumps often. The “Candy” Golden Cookies, sacrificing backyard and gathering Juicy Queenbeets won’t assist as a result of these approaches simply produce common Sugar Lumps. Meaning it takes you round a 12 months and a half sometimes.

“Candy” Golden Cookies might be gained quite shortly because of the Drive the Hand of Destiny spell within the Grimoire. When a participant rises, the seed modifications, which impacts the Drive the Hand of Destiny outcomes. Due to this, a gamer can use the spell, click on the golden cookie generated from it, see if it’s a “Candy” or not, ascend, and after that repeat. The Fortune Cookie add-on reveals the gamer the consequence from the spell, for that cause displaying if a “Candy” Golden Cookie will seem quickly, for that cause making the gamer not depend on the primary results of the spell, and as an alternative have a look at the record of outcomes as an alternative of blindly anticipating a “Candy” on the primary spell.

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