Coronation Road spoilers for next week – dirty tactics, custody battle and child bombshell


It’s been a week of deception and bottoming out for residents of Coronation Street next week.

While one resident finds the solution to her woes at the bottom of a wine bottle, another tries to find drugs to end her sadness.

Thankfully, the effort is thwarted – for which she is grateful and soldiers as best they can.

While another teen’s secret struggles are exposed by her best friend, will she get the help she desperately needs?

Here’s what’s coming up on Coronation Street next week…

Toyah hits rock bottom as Imran fights Abi

Toyah, played by Georgia Taylor, has longed to be a mother for years, so she was heartbroken when she found out her partner Imran had a baby with Abi from their one-night stand.

On Friday, Imran’s lies were finally exposed after Kevin discovered his name on Alfie’s birth certificate.

While Toyah and Imran try to impress the social worker to adopt Elsie, Toyah receives a text message from Kevin – which contains a picture of the birth certificate.

Toyah bottoms out in Corrie next week

Unable to control his anger, Toyah confronts Imran and admits everything – including the fact that he’s known the truth since New Year’s Eve.

Amazed by his deception, Toyah throws him out and he meets Abi in the pub, revealing that Elsie’s adoption is over.

After confronting Kevin, Imran returns home and Toyah insists Elsie deserves a “proper” family.

Next week, Toyah will have a hard time when Elsie leaves with the social worker and drowns her sadness in alcohol.

Deciding that she needs to talk to Imran, she goes to her lawyer but Adam tells her he is going to visit Imran.

Imran fights against Abi for custody of his son

Afterwards, Imran comes back and begs her to let him work things out, but she leaves him in no doubt about how he feels.

He decides to go flat hunting and suggests to Abi that she and Alfie move in with him, but she refuses him.

Imran is then alarmed after Kelly tells him that Abi saved her by taking morphine, worried that Abi is now in possession of the vial.

The lawyer acknowledged his fear of Toyah and decided that he wanted to fight for custody of Alfie and wanted her to help him raise his son.

What will Toyah say in response?

Abi is determined to fight Imran for their son

Meanwhile, Abi is determined to go back to work to have money to buy things for Alfie.

However, she is shocked to learn about Imran’s plan to go against her for custody of their son.

As a result, Abi met her lawyer and told him that she wanted full custody of the children.

She then approaches Imran and tells him of her intentions to go against him by all means for custody.

Yet Imran still has some dirty tricks up his sleeve…

Faye is devastated by Craig’s bombshell confession

Faye Windass is devastated when boyfriend Craig Tinker confesses about their future together.

This week, Faye and Craig were shocked when she realized that Emma was secretly dating Ted Spear’s nephew Jon.

Faye and Emma were implicated in Ted’s death on New Year’s Day after hitting him with their car. Although he appeared to be fine when they brought him back to his home, he later died and they did not call an ambulance or the police.

Faye annoyed by Craig’s bombshell

When the group started, Faye was rushed to the hospital out of fear for their baby and they were forced to wait anxiously for an emergency scan.

The couple were shocked after being told that Faye was not actually pregnant.

Next week, Faye returns to work when Sarah tells her and Michael that they desperately need more orders and that they are offering a weekly bonus as an incentive to the person with the best sales.

Later, while they were at the factory, Faye showed Craig a fertility app she downloaded to her phone.

But Craig is uncertain about the speed at which they will start a family.

He talks to his mother Beth and reveals that Faye wants to start a family, but admits that he feels it’s too early and in no mood to tell her.

Unable to hold back, Beth tells Faye that Craig is not ready to have children, leaving Faye completely stunned…

Laura’s tragic death led Kelly to turn to drugs

Kelly Neelan will turn to drugs after her mother Laura tragically passed away.

Laura, played by Kel Allen, finds out that Gary Windass (Mikey North) killed Rick Neelan after his confession.

But, knowing that she would die and Kelly would lose all of her parents in her life if Gary had to go to jail, Laura lied to the police and said she had murdered her husband.

After her mother’s death and – unaware of the truth of her tragic sacrifice – Kelly tries to come to terms with what happened.

Kelly fights for her mother’s death

However, Kelly was overwhelmed when she discovered that she would inherit everything from her father, including the family home.

She asks Gary to go inspect the house for her and when he gets there he is confronted with a photo of a smiling Rick.

After he packs up some stuff and heads back to Kelly, who is overwhelmed with emotions when he sees the reminders of his childhood.

Painfully numb, Kelly pulled out her mother’s bottle of morphine from her pocket and opened the cap, as soon as Abi arrived…

Abi intervenes and takes the morphine out of her and Kelly then tells Imran how Abi saved her.

She’s attending her father’s funeral next week

However, Imran is likely to use this against Abi and, upon learning that she is in possession of a bottle of morphine, intends to fight for custody of Alfie.

Maria later admitted that she was considering not attending Rick’s funeral because she had a council reputation to think about, but Gary got angry and said she should put Kelly first. .

At the end of the week, they all attended the funeral and the remaining Gary looked around nervously, hoping that none of Rick’s acquaintances showed up.

While they gathered at Rick’s grave, a man approached and spat on the coffin, telling Kelly he hoped he would rot in hell.

Sensational, Gary punches the man – the moment caught by a man hiding in the bushes…

Amy discovers Summer’s heartbreaking secret eating disorder

Amy Barlow will be shocked next week when she finds out about Summer’s eating disorder.

Summer’s adoptive father Billy is increasingly concerned about the behavior, and will be deeply concerned after realizing she’s been up all night reviewing.

The vicar warns her that she will set herself on fire, which will send her blood sugar all over the place.

Amy overheard Summer throw up

Aadi goes to see Summer, but she refuses to talk to him and, when Billy reminds her that she has promised to help at the church, she insists she doesn’t have the time.

Worried, Billy asks Amy for help to talk to Summer and so she convinces her friend to take a break and go get some coffee.

Roy gives the girls a house bacon sandwich and Summer pretends to be grateful as they bring them back to the apartment to eat.

Summer begs her not to tell anyone

Amy leaves, but is forced to return after forgetting her phone and is shocked to hear Summer talking in the bathroom.

Summer tries her best to deny that she’s sick, but Amy is unconvinced and threatens to tell Billy.

But Summer is terrified and begs her not to, promising that it won’t happen again…

* Coronation Street airs at 8 pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV

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